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Zero Hour Enhanced Updates: The Scorpion's Sting Part 4
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PostPosted: Fri Jul 28, 2023 1:40 am    Post subject:  Zero Hour Enhanced Updates: The Scorpion's Sting Part 4
Subject description: An Observer Van is also observing how all of you are dealing with this news post.
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Hello ladies and gentlemen! Updates of Zero Hour Enhanced has been shared in these days by VectorIV. For those who are not acquainted with it, Zero Hour Enhanced is a modification for Command & Conquer Generals: Zero Hour that enhances the gameplay experience of the game according to VectorIV's visions. Here is the official announcement from Zero Hour Enhanced:

And we're back. This time earlier than usual?!

The good news is art asset creation is almost done. I only have to do the multiple states and take care of a few things then we're done. Hence, I can speed up the updated blogs a little bit. But let's not get ahead of ourselves just yet. "Almost" is almost, meaning it's still not done yet. Sadly for me, I'm still stuck in this hell of my own creation. But hey, now that's almost finished, giving up now isn't an option.

Pretty vague, huh? Well, not for long. As much as I want to puke out all the juicy details, I would rather save them for a later date.

Regardless, let's go into the fun updates of today featuring, errrr demonetized truck and, errrr, another demonetized truck and a TV van???

Ever since the successful revolution of the North African nations, the question of maintaining the revolution came into, well, question. The colonel, after consulting his allies, has come to the agreement that the best course of action is to produce revolutionary media to empower and give revolutionary consciousness to the people.

Given that plan, the revolutionary media would give rise to the revolutionary people, which in turn would continue to produce revolutionary media in the future. Therefore, the people will unlikely fall down into their previous monarchistic and subservient beliefs. And hence the Observer AR Van is realized.

Now, I can assure you, it's just a normal TV van and totally not a surveillance van to root out those pesky monarchists and imperialists working from abroad. Not only that the Observer Van can broadcast revolutionary messages through your favorite TV and Youtube channels, but it can also be upgraded with extended radar capabilities and a mobile GPS scrambler.

Extended radar capabilities allow the van to scan distant areas and gather intel without having to be near its destination, while the mobile GPS scrambler allows it to jam enemy targeting systems, making it impossible to call in firepower from afar.

A weak ordinary van, it may be, the Observer Van can be upgraded with scrapped armor to further increase its durability.

With the increased influence of the revolutionary cause of the GIN on the rest of Africa it had given rise to the localized insurgency against the imperialist elements.

One of which was the cocoa plantation known for using, well, child slaves. The locals having to live with such injustice for far too long had deployed an attack force using improvised armored tractors with machine guns.

Despite this, the insurgent force was too weak to defeat NATO troops stationed in the area.
That is until an unknown unemployed chemist came up with the idea of using toxin-thrower in place of traditional machine guns.

And just like that, the NATO troops were morbid into grumpy bears. The effective combination of toxin-thrower and armored tractors had given birth to the Rancher.

While not the ideal way of getting rid of the imperialists, it gets the job done, especially with the imperialist's advanced weaponry at their disposal.

In other news, wealth inequality continued to plague many areas of Africa, particularly in the south, thanks to the remnants of colonization. No matter how more the poorest of the poor tried to save, it was nearly impossible to move up in class. It was as if the system was designed to keep the poor poor and the rich even richer and buy their 100th golden yacht in the Mediterranean or something.

People had enough of that bullshit along with their newly instilled revolutionary consciousness. They organized an attempt to overthrow local NATO forces. In spite of their revolutionary spirit for a better and just world for all, the imperialist forces proved difficult to defeat with their advanced weaponry.

As grim as today maybe is, some hoped for a brighter future for the next generation. In desperation and willingness to give their lives for the revolution and be martyrs for the cause, the Racketeer was born. An ordinary unsuspecting construction truck, armed with explosives stolen from their workplace, ready to take out any superior enemy at close range alongside the driver of the truck. Not only can TNTs be armed, but high explosives and toxin munitions can also be installed to maximize the effectiveness of the detonation.

GIN T-10 'Racketeer' Improvised Suicide Vehicle is GIN's most radical and loyal warrior.

Utilizing ordinary construction trucks, the Racketeer can disguise itself as any vehicle. Effectively camouflages itself from being detected from far away.

True to the revolutionary cause, until the end, the Racketeer charged the unsuspecting enemy with armed explosives, taking out both the enemy and themselves in the process.

The Racketeer can be upgraded with high explosives to increase further its core detonation effectiveness or/and toxin munitions to increase its anti-personnel capabilities further.

Armaments: Stolen TNT charges (upgradable) high explosives/toxin munitions

GIN T-40 'Rancher' Toxinthrower Vehicle is GIN's rudimentary and crude vendetta against Western persistent exploitation and colonization.

Improvising a normal tractor into an armored combat tractor, the Rancher can spray lethal toxins at enemy troops, taking them out permanently and swiftly.

Although great at anti-personnel missions, the Rancher struggle against vehicles and tanks, so it's best to disengage and lure the enemy into an ambush of friendly anti-tank weapons or mines.

The Rancher can switch its toxin-thrower into sprinkle mode, contaminating the surrounding area with lethal toxins, barring enemy infantry from getting close, and killing anyone in the vicinity.

Armaments: Homemade toxin-thrower

GIN T-4 'Observer' Improvised Acquisition Radar Van is GIN's eyes and ears on the battlefield and spreads revolutionary messages to the masses in its pastime.

When deployed, the Observer reveals a large surrounding area and detects camouflaged enemies in its area of effect.

The Observer can be upgraded with extended radar capabilities to increase its surveillance capacity further, enabling it to scan distance areas or mobile GPS scrambler, enabling it to jam enemy targeting systems and prevent fire support from being called in.

Being very lightly protected, it's wise for the Observer to avoid combat entirely.

I guess that's it, meh.

You can check more information about Zero Hour Enhanced by visiting the ModDB Profile, and Discord Channel. That's all, folks! Stay tuned at PPM for more news coverage on Zero Hour Enhanced!

Key Words: #News #ZeroHourEnhanced #Generals #ZeroHour 


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