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Combined Arms 0.93 has been released!
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PostPosted: Sat Sep 30, 2023 1:20 pm    Post subject:  Combined Arms 0.93 has been released!
Subject description: New objective acquired with 4 new prologue missions to complete!
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Aloha! Reinforcements have arrived at Combined Arms. Inqubi has recently made Combined Arms 0.93 available for download. For your information, Combined Arms is a mod for OpenRA that emulates the old Command & Conquer games gameplay and brings five factions to the battlefield: Allies, Soviets, GDI, Nod, and Scrin. It features new units and support powers for these factions. It also features new graphics and sound effects. Here are the official words about Combined Arms 0.93:

0.93 is the latest instalment of Combined Arms! It features the highly requested save/load function for skirmish options!
The update also features improvements to the existing single-player campaign missions as well as four brand-new prologue missions!

# Features
- Four prologue missions.
- Lobby options can now be saved/loaded.
- Added option to disable fog of war and/or build radius in campaign missions. Mission options will persist until changed.
- Improved targeting for Chronosphere, Iron Curtain, Nanite Repair & Atomic Shells.
- Update checker and download button on menu screen.
- Numerous campaign mission tweaks.
- Soviet EVA variant.
- Numerous voice line improvements & additions.
- Units gain XP from dealing damage, rather than kills (Yuri/Mastermind gain XP from each unique unit they mind control).
- Increased armor and damage bonuses for heroic units.
- Unique veterancy icons for Nod and Scrin.
- When spectating or viewing replays, the value of selected units will be shown.

# Balance

## General
- Increased Mechanic salvage reward to $200.
- Reduce driverless vehicle decay rate.
- Reduced cost of Optimised Production upgrades from $500 to $350 (Multi-Queue Scaled only).
- Any naval units with depth charges will use only these against submarines. Reduced submarine HP to compensate.

## Allies
- Chronoshift no longer kills passengers, but they can't unload while chronoshifted. Enemy units teleported for 66% normal duration. Reduced maximum targets from 13 to 9. Capped health at 47k while chronoshifted.
- Reduced Raider APC speed and damage vs buildings/defenses a little.
- MRJ rework; creates jamming fields which reduce enemy RoF and firepower.
- Gap Generator no longer creates mini veils, but the beam itself debuffs in a small area (mainly to make it more distinct from MRJ).
- Increased Battle Fortress HP and damage.
- Temporal Flux grants Chrono Prison +1.5 range.
- Chrono Tank can now attack aircraft (relatively low damage). Added a 3 second cooldown between jumps with Temporal Flux. Can no longer crush infantry instantly by teleporting onto them.
- Increased Ranger/APC/Raider APC damage vs light armor.
- Reduced Temporal Incursion cooldown from 6:30 to 5:00 and increase duration from 30s to 40s. Removed target circle.
- Strafing Run: Increased P51 damage, HP and speed. Target is now the center of the run rather than the start.
- Reduced Artillery damage vs defenses.
- Increased Gunboat projectile speed.

## Soviets
- Reduced inaccuracy of BTR, reduced damage (roughly same DPS, just more consistent). Increased damage vs light armor.
- Increased Brute vision by 1.
- Increase Lasher Tank speed a little.
- Increased Sukhoi splash damage and missile speed slightly.
- In Multi-Queue, Kennel has its own tab for dogs only, rather than requiring a Barracks.
- Increased Sea Scorpion projectile speed and damage vs vehicles/ships.
- Increased Missile Sub damage vs buildings.

## GDI
- Increased Nanite Repair tick rate slightly.
- Increased Disruptor damage vs buildings and light armor slightly.
- Increased Hum-Vee/Guardian Drone/Mini Drone/APC damage vs light armor.
- Increased Aurora splash damage against vehicles.
- Increased Frigate railgun damage. Added depth charges.
- Reduced Drone Carrier Hornet reload time so they fire on each pass. Increased their ammo from 6 to 8. Increased damage vs buildings/defenses.
- Reduced Patrol Boat damage vs light armor.

## Nod
- Increased Buggy damage vs light armor.
- Heavy Flame Tank burst shortened (same DPS).
- Reduced Shadow Glider grenade rate of fire.
- Reduced Microwave Tank speed. Will now kill passengers with Intensified Microwaves upgrade.
- Increased Apache cost from 1350 to 1400.
- Reduced Artillery damage vs defenses.
- Reduced ICBM Sub damage vs ground vehicles. Added charge up time before firing (reduced reload to compensate).

## Scrin
- Feeder renamed to Burster, now buildable and available to all Scrin. No longer charges on Tiberium.
- Collector-73 Feeder Mutation replaced with Greater Coalescence. Spawns a larger and movable version of Leecher coalescence, which feeds of nearby enemies to sustain itself while healing allies.
- Atomized debuff now pulses AoE damage and slows movement, instead of being a DoT/firepower debuff only on the target, and no longer spreads if the target dies.
- Reduced Intruder damage vs infantry.
- Increased Gun Walker HP from 30k to 33k. Increased damge vs light armor.
- Shard Walker no longer has heavy armor. HP increased to 40k.
- Increased PAC speed from 49 to 60. Increased damage vs aircraft and infantry. Increased splash radius vs vehicles, reduced splash radius vs infantry.
- Increased Seeker HP from 22k to 23k.
- Increased Lacerator vision by 1.
- Increased Leecher HP from 28k to 30k. Increased damage vs light armor.
- Increased Leecher orb HP from 30k to 35k.
- Reduced Tripod & Reaper Tripod range very slightly. Reduced damage vs buildings and infantry.
- Increased Mothership wormhole range from 20 to 28, increased cooldown to 45s. Increased anti-unit weapon rate of fire slightly.
- Increased Stormrider shields from 6.5k to 8k.
- Move Scrin submarine detection from Stormrider to Seeker/Lacerator.
- Increase Devourer/Darkener damage vs ships.

# Misc/Fixes
- Added support powers to Composition Tester
- Slowed the decay rate of driverless vehicles.
- Fixed mission 2 crash.
- Fixed Ion Conduits activating when Storm Column is not powered.
- Separate queue for kennel in multi-queue.
- Lowered Hacker selection priority.
- Fixed Hopsital exits on the map Roadkings CA.
- Reduced opacity of sub detection circles, as it was messy with many of them.
- Added texture to menu UI panels.
- Added player colored selection box to submerged submarines.

You can check more information about Combined Arms by visiting the ModDB Profile, and Discord Channel. Download Combined Arms 0.93. That's all, folks! Stay tuned at PPM for more news coverage on Combined Arms!

Key Words: #News #Release #OpenRA #CombinedArms 


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