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Zero Hour Enhanced Updates: New & Improved Structures Part 13
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PostPosted: Sun Oct 22, 2023 12:27 pm    Post subject:  Zero Hour Enhanced Updates: New & Improved Structures Part 13
Subject description: Warning: someone might have forgotten to take his medicine today.
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Howdy! VectorIV, the leader of Zero Hour Enhanced, has recently posted some of the progress done with Zero Hour Enhanced. Zero Hour Enhanced is a modification for Command & Conquer Generals: Zero Hour that enhances the gameplay experience of the game according to VectorIV's visions. Here are his official words about it, and remember that any political/cultural views included in this post  should be understood as fiction and do not represent the opinion, ethics, and principles of this website/community nor anything we condone here:

Well, well, well. End of the road. Never in a million years, I expected the mod would be nearly completed in its first stage in the holy year of 2023.

plz laugh

It is a time where everyone undoubtedly loves each other and gets along and works together very well to advance the human race into a future where hunger is no longer an issue and no one has to break their backs working until they're dead. It is a time when we, as intelligent human beings, solve conflicts with words, reasons, empathy, and not weapons. It is a time of peace where definitely there hadn't been any war or conflict whatsoever since the day of WW2, when Stalin totally killed 69 morbillion people with his giant plushie hammer. Surely, we've grown past the days of barbarism, and fascism and become civilized, unlike those barbaric Asiatic hordes. I heard they love dicktators like Meow See-dong or th-, that Marksist-Leneenist guy or something.

Ugh, I mean, all the Nazis are dead already, stupid. Haven't you ever heard of Denazification, duh? We totally didn't deem it ineffective and counterproductive, then just outright stopped it. We're the good guys, bruh, I swear! Just don't up Unit 731 and what they did in China and how that war criminal Douglas MacArthur just let them go without any punishment. They were just giving out ICE CREAMS to the CHINESE. I SWEAR! (please don't look at the news or the wiki. plz just don't. plz.)

Oh, and by "everyone", I meant the "international community," of course.

Sorry about the rant, but anyhow. Right, with the mod nearly completed. This last series of updates features the Nuclear Missile Silo, Gatling Cannon that ate too many American planes, high definition Speaker Tower and just Bunker. Yes, just Bunker.

What? What were you expecting exactly, hhhmmmmmmmmm?! Thicc juicy sussy amogus unadulterated pair of Boonkers??? (yes, I am completely insane.)


I mean, think about it, what sane person would have possibly continued to mod a dead single game for years into whatever mess of a mod that is, including a shit ton of new infantry, vehicles, buildings, and everything else that comes that. FOR FREE.

Let's just hope that they don't take me to Aslume soon. That would be a very bad time.

Nuclear missiles, oh yes. The remastered version of the Chinese Nuclear Missile Silo, if you haven't figured it out from the previous update by now, features a newly modeled high-definition THICC and THROBBING atomic warhead.

Not only that, the detonation effects (and many more) have been completely reworked from the ground up. So now, when you detonate a warhead, your PC won't just go out along with it. In case you've missed it somehow, check this video from years ago:

Also, with the addition of the new shiny roofs, new launching flashing lights FX, better clutter, more vents, more doors, new banner, animated tarps, and contemporary poster, the remastered Nuclear Missile Silo is completed and not feels so empty.

(controversial) it doesn't look that great imo

Next up, the Gatling Cannon or, more precisely, the Type-730 CIWS Emplacement for you nerds out there. I have always found the vZH design kinda weird.

I mean, you have this thick and fairly structured base on the bottom, then you have these single pillars that hold the guns together somehow, along with an exposed and small ammo box. HUH???
I guess it looked... fine. It's balanced for sure but ztyping hell does it look so barebone.

Well, the vZH Gattling Cannon is, fortunately, no more.

After extensive research by, well, the research team (me, duh), I decided to go with the Type-730 CIWS design and just place the whole damn thing on the same foundation with a bit more details.
It might have seemed like a stupid idea at first, but what the hell, it turned out great, and I liked it, and that's all that matters.

Bunker from 2015, but I never did any renders of

Next, just Bunker. Yeah, I wish I had anything more interesting to say about the Bunker, but nope, the previous design was perfect for me already. I only had to add the shiny roof and fix a few things, like the sandbags and barbed wires. And that's the end of it.

And lastly, the Speaker Tower. It's probably my most favorite thing to build in the game.
"But V, what the heck? Does the tin can tower look nearly the exact same as the vZH version? How could you call this an update???"

vZH Speaker Tower with opaque shadows

(SAGE 2003 only supports vertex shadows)

Well, you see, silly child, the vZH's railings were completely opaque, meaning when you built it in-game, the shadows were also opaque. This was an unacceptable immersion-breaking issue back when I was ten and also now.

Therefore, now those railings are actual railings (and not just an alpha map.) That means the shadows are now cast properly, and more immersion is saved again.

Not only that, like the previous ZHE design borrowed from the mythical mod that 99% of people have probably forgotten about "Situation Zero" when upgraded with the Subliminal Messaging upgrade, the tower is decorated with red flags because it's cool. The problem was that it was too cluttered for my taste. Sometimes, simple is just better. It's true.

A railing platform has also been installed so that workers can easily maintain those comedically large speakers with ease so that they continue to spread GAY SPACE COMMUNISM.

Unintentionally homoerotic Soviet communist poster.

Thankfully, they said no homo, so it was okay.

PLA Nuclear Missile Silo The same old PLA Nuclear Missile Silo with a new high-definition main missile and clutter, shiny roofs, more doors, more vents, a new banner, animated tarps, and contemporary poster.

PLA Type-730 CIWS Emplacement Mostly all new defensive structure armed with a 30mm H/PJ-12 Gatling gun. Effective defense against enemy aircraft, helicopters, and small-medium projectiles. Replaced vZH Gatling Cannon.

PLA Bunker The same old PLA Bunker design from the previous ZHE version with shiny roofs, better sandbags, and barbwire placement.

PLA Speaker Tower The same old PLA Speaker Tower with an actual railing model, simple upgrade banners, and a railing platform.

On final notes:

Now that the final update is out of the way. It's time to introduce a new retroactive update series that will last for another ten years!

Just kidding, of course. The mod is 95% more or less completed now, I think.

Do you remember that ugly Battle Master model I made some time ago?

Yeah, that didn't quite age too well, along with some other stuff when you compare it with my latest stuff.
So, with that in mind, I'm determined to fix some of them at least.

So stay tuned in a couple of days to come for that and in-game PLA structures screenshots. Until then, see ya!

You can learn more about Zero Hour Enhanced by visiting the ModDB Profile, and Discord Channel. And this is all we can offer for today regarding Zero Hour Enhanced!

Key Words: #News #ZeroHourEnhanced #Generals #ZeroHour 


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