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Zero Hour Enhanced: Updates: I "Forgor"
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PostPosted: Wed Dec 13, 2023 2:33 am    Post subject:  Zero Hour Enhanced: Updates: I "Forgor"
Subject description: Somebody is forgetting to post updates. Maybe he doesn't even know how to get there for not being good with maps!
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At the end of the last month, there was a last article from  Zero Hour Enhanced by VectorIV. It's more one of his funny riddles. A few hours ago, he finally released a version of this mod, but I will get into that later. For now, let's focus on this old post first. For those unfamiliar with it, Zero Hour Enhanced is a modification for Command & Conquer Generals: Zero Hour that enhances the gameplay experience of the game according to VectorIV's visions. Here is his article, and remember, the opinions expressed in this article should be seen as fiction and do not represent the opinions of this community:

Hello again! Yes. You read that correctly! I forgot. Forgot about the anti-air infantry. I don't know why. It just kinda happened.

Apparently, back in 2018, it never crossed my mind that I needed to make anti-air infantry despite the fact that I made a bunch of extra stuff, as you can see. So I decided to make them just now.

Annddd you've guessed it; this update features solely on the anti-air infantry for each faction. Not that they're super different functionally in their cores, but they do play a bit little with their respective faction-unique upgrades (Nationalism, Camouflage, etc.)

First on the list, the PLA Huntress or Sky Huntress squad (I can't decide on the name;) equipped with the FN-16 anti-air missile launcher, a highly developed weapon from the HN-5 derived from the Soviet Strela 2 (SA-7.)

Supposedly, the Chinese obtained a sample of the SA-7 from Vietnam during the Vietnam War to help them destroy US aircraft. Still, the weapon itself never saw wide action due to obsoletion against new US ECM technology.

However, by the time the HN-6 is upgraded to deal with the ECM, the US will have already lost, and that's the end of that.

Map #1 for those aren't good at maps

But hold on, why would the US, a country located in North America, go out of its way to South East Asia across the whole damn Pacific Ocean to fight Vietnam?

To stop le ebil cummies and maintain neo-colonization, of course. To stop the ideology that is supposedly "good in theory but bad in practice" and "just doesn't work" according to the average neoliberals.

I guess they just weren't confident enough in their own assertion that they had to take such a proactive approach. Weird.

Next, we have the FIM-92 anti-air missile launcher or the Stinger used by both the NATO Buckler squad and the GIN Stinger Squad.

Wait, hold on. Is the Stinger a US-made weapon?! With the way Generals framed it, I thought the Stinger was a GLA thing???

So how come the so-called "terrorists" have an abundance stockpile of US-made weapons at their disposal?
Good question.

Apparently, the CIA just gave them away like it's Mr. Beast's giveaway.

We Gave 3 BILLION US$ and a Few Stinger Anti-air Missile Launchers To Homeless Afghan Men

Codename "Operation Cyclone":


one of its (CIA) longest and most expensive covert operations.

Why would the so-called "good guys" and "world police" do such a thing? You've guessed it: to once again stop le ebil cummies and maintain neo-colonization.


(Operation Cyclone began) supplying billions of dollars in arms to a collection of Afghan guerrillas fighting the Soviets. The arms shipments included Stinger missiles, the shoulder-fired antiaircraft weapons that were used with deadly accuracy against Soviet helicopters and that are now in circulation among terrorists who have fired such weapons at commercial airliners. Among the rebel recipients of U.S. arms: Osama bin Laden.

Yes, the Osama bin Laden trending on Tiktok who the US believed committed 911, then proceeded to invade Iraq to definitely not in the million years not take the oil: (and also created ISIS in the process. Yes, the ISIS)

Damn, it's starting to sound like they do take the cummies very seriously despite the fact that they love to say cummies killed 69 morbillion people in lulag and everyone's starving all the time because of totalitarian cummunism, no food, no iPhone, no work no human rights. And, when they're not starving, they'll just say it's totalitarian capitalism, Huawei spyware, no human rights collapsing in 0.0001 seconds.

Very weird. It's almost as if they just wanna invent a new reality based on their own insecurities that deep, deep down, they're the ones who're gonna starve the planet, strip away human rights of people who are only a bit different than the so-called master race at will and kill anyone who dares to oppose them.

Don't believe me? Well, have you SEEN what's been going on in EEEurope, Anglo Amerikkka, and apartheid Isn'trael?

As a result, with the abundance of Stinger missile launchers sold in the black market after the fracture of the Afghan guerrillas, they've found their way into GIN procurement department, where the Stingers were disassembled to pieces and replicated to perfection.

And now the unlicensed production of Stingers is a crucial part of GIN's arsenal against NATO air force dominating the sky in addition to several MANPADS available in the black market.

As for the Stinger itself, the FIM-92 "Stinger" was developed in order to replace the FIM-43 "Redeye", the first US MANPADS to effectively combat faster-flying aircraft in the post WW2 era.

First made its debut in the Falklands War where the United Kingdom fought against *checks note* Argentina???

But wait a minute, the UK is way, way up north in Europe, and Argentina is in the very south of the American continent. What was even the UK doing there???

Another good question: this is no ordinary borderland/sea dispute between neighbors like China, Vietnam, and other coastal SEA states, etc.

In this case, it's just colonialism. Plain and simple.

Map #2 for those aren't good at maps

While the islands were "uninhabited" as the old colonizers claimed when they explored them, the islands themselves seem to never really been settled by any entity for a long, long time to become an actual colony.

Supposedly, they were once controlled by French, British, Spanish, and Argentine settlers at different points in time.

Regardless, I highly doubt that the UK (and other European powers) should have any legitimacy to own any piece of disputed land across other the ocean and continent while the other is like only 1500km off the coast when they and others like them have continued to exploit and subjugate the global south for centuries.

And that's the end of that.

PLA "Nu Lieren (or Huntress/Sky Huntress)" squad is the hunter of the sky in the PLAGF. Armed with the FN-16 72mm anti-air missile launcher. Initially developed during the Vietnam War and designed as HN-5 with samples of Soviet Strela 2 (SA-7) to aid the NVA against the US war of aggression, the FN-16 can now compete against that of the US counterpart.

Originally mostly aimed to combat low-flying enemy aircraft, they can also effectively engage enemy light vehicles and infantry.

Despite having a gendered squad name like the Tank Hunter, anyone could join in practice, as it's just a gimmick.

Armaments: Type-64 sub-machine gun and FN-16 72mm anti-air missile launcher.
Body armours: None.
Capture time: 37 seconds.

GIN "Allaasie (or Stinger)" squad is the fierce defender of GIN airspace. Armed with an FIM-92J 70mm anti-air missile launcher. With the abundance stockpile of the Stinger anti-air missile launcher the CIA gave to the Afghan mujahidin to fight the USSR and subsequently destabilize the country, considerable amounts were sold and eventually found their way to the GIN, where it replicated the perfect match that of the original design.

Originally mostly aimed to combat low-flying enemy aircraft, they can also effectively engage enemy light vehicles and infantry.

Armaments: PP-90M1 sub-machine gun and FIM-92J 70mm anti-air missile launcher.
Body armours: None.
Capture time: 37 seconds.

NATO "Buckler" squad is the enforcer of the free airspace in the NATOGF. Armed with an FIM-92J 70mm anti-air missile launcher. First debuting in the Falklands War, where the United Kingdom and Argentina fought over the Falkland Islands located near Argentina, the Stinger has since fought in many, many wars around the world for freedom and upgraded to its current iteration.

Originally mostly aimed to combat low-flying enemy aircraft, they can also effectively engage enemy light vehicles and infantry.

Armaments: MP5 sub-machine gun and FIM-92J 70mm anti-air missile launcher.
Body armours: None.
Capture time: 37 seconds.

On a side note, I also completely forgot that the localized version of unit names was ever a thing huehuehuehue so here's to the 2018 throwback.

And it's a wrap! Now that the mod is in the final stage of development, I guess I'll be working on a few small details I might wanna do but focus mainly on producing maybe a short trailer and definitely a bunch of more release detail blogs because there's a lot to cover.

I don't want people to jump in and get the HOI4 clueless treatment, where you have to look up tutorials online to figure out how to start playing.

So, I look forward to that whenever I have the will to put together a trailer (god, I hate doing cinematics), but if YOU (yes, you) can do good cinematics, you can contact me if you wanna do it.

Until then!

The release will be spotlighted in the next news post.

If you are curious about Zero Hour Enhanced, visit the ModDB Profile, and Discord Channel to obtain further information about it. And that's all regarding Zero Hour Enhanced for now. Stay tuned at PPM for more news about Zero Hour Enhanced!

Key Words: #News #ZeroHourEnhanced #Generals #ZeroHour 


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