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Open Hard Vacuum Pre-Release 20231125 is out for testing... for a while!
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PostPosted: Wed Dec 13, 2023 3:00 am    Post subject:  Open Hard Vacuum Pre-Release 20231125 is out for testing... for a while!
Subject description: New sounds, effects, sparkles and trails. When details matter!
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Hi everyone! Also, at the end of last month, Open Hard Vacuum  Pre-Release 20231125 was released. For those unaware, Open Hard Vacuum is a game that uses OpenRA Engine, and it is inspired by an old game called Hard Vacuum, which ended up not being released at all, except for its art graphics.  Here is what we know about Open Hard Vacuum Pre-Release 20231125:


The new electric pod is a new high-tier infantry vehicle.

New lamps were added as decoration props

just like boxes and cranes showcased on the harbor map.

Added a new map Deliquescence by SiegeSpud.

Resources got a twinkle effect animation.

High-wall props can now be combined into platforms.

The changelog is here:

  • Removed screen shake from drop pod explosions.
  • Fixed AI not building ore smelters in the late game.
  • Fixed AI training: too few broker pods in the late game.
  • Fixed submarines being unable to target mine layers.
  • Fixed missile sub being unable to target structures under fog.
  • Fixed AI building tech buildings too early.
  • Fixed force field overlay being too bright.
  • Fixed Crater Defense breaches not getting displayed correctly.
  • Fixed stone cliffs being traversable.
  • Fixed smoke emitter for aircraft.
  • Fixed elite pod not targeting air actors.
  • Fixed different resource types showing the same tooltip.
  • Fixed weapon circle range for bunker.
  • Fixed miners not deploying when blocked by friendlies.
  • Fixed unloading a vehicle from a transport aircraft using the wrong cursor.
  • Fixed air transport vehicle and pods conflicting.
  • Fixed the wrong palette for harbor shadows.
  • Fixed Fire Watch mission not ending when all fires are out.
  • Fixed map background leaking through UI edges.
  • Fixed shore and dirt tiles not displaying hit effects.
  • Fixed grass shore tiles being not aligned correctly.
  • Fixed faction images for storage buildings.
  • Fixed Z offsets for mines.
  • Added water trails to submarines.
  • Added shadows, centerpieces, corners, and damage variants to high walls.
  • Added sparks effect for actors targeted midair.
  • Added twinkle effects for resources.
  • Added explored map as the new default for skirmish and multiplayer.
  • Added transformation sounds for miners.
  • Added upscaled sounds for the radar.
  • Added extra silo sprites for miner building.
  • Added an audio notification on building capture.
  • Added shooting animation for the lightning tank.
  • Added new map Deliquescence by @SiegeSpud.
  • Added lights and details to Doubles, Tournament Island, Sandy Shores, Tomb Raiders, Mount Brosnan, Harbor.
  • Added a remastered version of map Crescendo.
  • Added new crates as decorational props.
  • Added reloading sound for minelayers.
  • Added a new explosion sound for land and water mines.
  • Added big water splash artwork to water mines when they explode.
  • Added crane props.
  • Added electric pod.
  • Added high lamp post prop.
  • Removed pods ejecting on sell on Crater Defense.
  • Removed terrain light source as they reveal starting positions.
  • Removed WIP artwork mothership.
  • Removed manual submerging for submarines.
  • Changed lightning effect projectile.
  • Changed railgun tank artwork.
  • Changed checkbox artwork.
  • Changed the layout for the in-game encyclopedia.
  • Changed IRC in multiplayer lobbies to automatically connect.
  • Changed names to avoid confusion:

    • Hacker pods to Broker pods as there is already a Hacker tank.
    • Tech Reconstructor to Nano Reconstructor as it heals everything.
    • Mine to AI Mine, as they only trigger on enemies now.

  • Changed balancing:

    • Increased storage hit points.
    • Increased harbor and starport energy requirement.
    • Reduced reload delay, increased speed, and removed inaccuracy from Synapol's AA tank.
    • Increased Synapol's AA Turret reload delay.
    • Mothership base is now indestructible.
    • Decreased charge-up time for the orbital railgun.
    • Bomber pod is now Synapol exclusive.
    • Reduced hit points of Ramp Buggy and Gatling Bike.
    • Increased Ramp Buggy and Gatling Bike weapon's effectiveness.
    • Increased Gatling Bike's moving and turn speed.

Based upon an unstable version of @OpenRA.

For further information about Open Hard Vacuum, visit its Official Website, ModDB Profile, and Discord Channel. Open Hard Vacuum is available for download Here. And that's all for now! Have fun and enjoy Open Hard Vacuum!

Key Words: #News #Release #OpenRA #OpenHV 


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