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RA2YR:BruteForce 0.7.00 has been released!
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PostPosted: Wed Dec 13, 2023 3:36 am    Post subject:  RA2YR:BruteForce 0.7.00 has been released!
Subject description: You will have nightmares with hordes of Brutes!
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Hi everyone! mbnqpl, the leader of RA2YR:BruteForce, has been busy recently in order to release RA2YR:BruteForce 0.7.00. For those unaware of what is being written here, RA2YR:BruteForce is a modification for Red Alert 2: Yuri's Revenge with Ares that transforms the game into a Tower Defense. Build infantry and walls to defend yourself from hordes of brutes, dinosaurs, and other Yuri creatures. If you need any advanced units, you need to hunt crates. Here are the official words about RA2YR:BruteForce 0.7.00:

Changes in 0.7.00:
  • Added: New Yuri's creature > Wild Dogs
  • Added: Laser Wall
  • Added: New ambient sounds
  • Fixed: Medic wasn't able to heal sometimes
  • Fixed: Polish Flag
  • Changed: Robo tank no longer can move above the water
  • Added: New voice samples for Titan and Wolverine
  • Changed: some sidebar icons and other GUI elements
  • ... and more.

And it is has a trailer (which let's hope it doesn't get deleted like the one on the other news post):

In the meantime between our last news post about this project and this one, there were other updates, which includes:

Changes in 0.6.80:
- Added 2 new maps
- Added alternative launcher (testing multicore load spreading)
- Added Cloakable Harvester (in random crates)
- Buffed Conscript
- Buffed Weather Storm
- Reworked Medic's audio samples
- Elite Sniper doesn't decloak to fire when on level 3 (2)
- Added: New enemy creature for Animal Doomsday - FLOATER
- Fixed a lot of AI scripting
- Added sensors to Gap Generator, Spotlight Tower, Tactical Drone, Yuri's Radar
- Non-unpacked RBCVs will chrono out (disappear) from the battlefield after some time
- Same with Fail-cars, like above, for both players and AI - makes AI base not get spammed
- Added Critical hits
- Added animations for crit, punch (enemy crit), healing, repair, and more...
- Fixed animation of the Hedgehog
- Changed Chronodrop superweapon - you can now spawn troops on allies bases too
- Fixed Cow's attack animation
- Fixed Medic's healing animation
- Added drone bomb to Tactical Drone
- Fixed some sound issues
- Brute Doomsday game mode difficulty level has been lowered significantly
- Brute Doomsday 2 game mode difficulty level has been lowered significantly
- Zombie game mode difficulty level has been lowered
- FPS drops when AI gets stuck have been mitigated
- Iron Curtain has been buffed
- Fixed jumpjets getting stucked
- Chronodistruptions has been removed
- reworked chronomedic
- polished jumpjet medic
- reworked Forceshield into chronoshield, AI uses it more efficiently
- added Tactical Drone (fast, scout unit)
- 1 secret addon
- civillian buildings can levelup
- and many other minor things...

Changes in 0.6.70:
- Added: New icons (cameos) for a few units
- Ore (tiberium) now grows faster
- Added: New secret infantry unit
- Academy no longer clones infantry
- Changed: Demo Drop controll building model
- Spy Facility replaced with Intelligence Center
- Made some major changes to AI again
- Rebalanced difficulty levels
- Changed Black Eagle Elite's texture and icon (cameo)
- Fixed: Yuri not rebuilding barracks bug
- Zombies in Zombie Mod can now have the player's colors
- Reworked Time Machine, added some animations
- Fixed gates (again)
- Added gfx effects to Hedgehog
- Replaced Carryall Plane model and its icon (cameo)
- AI human soldiers can use Soviet Battle Bunkers now
- Chaos Pillbox can be replaced and auto-repairs now
- Added: Secret Lab to the random buildings pool
- Added: Uninstaller (in Tools folder)
- Changed: Siege Chopper's weapon
- Changed: Nerfed Robot Tank's laser range
- Some minor map changes

Changes in 0.6.60:
- Added Zombie Mode, a variation of Brute Doomsday, but easier.
- Introduced Chaos Pill Box.
- Use the 'T' key to toggle power on/off mode.
- All maps have been moved to mod files, eliminating the need for moving them manually.
- Reworked friendly AI and Yuri's AI for enhanced gameplay.
- Included CnC-DDraw; use cnc-ddraw config.exe to edit GFX settings.
- Fixed T-Rex pathfinding issues; they can now walk on water without getting stuck.
- Friendly AI can use Medic now.
- Yuri can deploy explosive Camels and mad cows (trained in the Polybius program).
- One secret hero has been replaced with a new character.
- Added Titan and Wolverine
- Fixed an issue where Soviet AI would idle without harvesters.
- Reworked and added over 15 mod-ready maps.
- Significantly improved performance.
- Changed the Robo tank's weapon to a laser (AG and AA) and the Siege Chopper's weapons to missiles (AG and AA).
- Added Pavement build option - prevents ore (tiberium) from spreading.
- Redrawn gates with alpha and size corrections (will be replaced in the future anyway).
- Enhanced utility of cratefail vehicles (e.g., civilian ambulance heals units, firetruck repairs vehicles).
- Buildings no longer leave rubble.
- Added a new tool, 'map brutelizer', for easy conversion of .yrm or .map files to the BF gameplay compatible.
- Introduced BFConsole for real-time display of Ares and other logs.
- Reworked the mod's Launcher, can show log console now.
- Tech buildings now gives back credits and units when sold or destroyed.
- Fixed AI Tesla Tower
- Updated Guardtower's spotlights to move in a circle and changed its sound.
- Fixed a bug that randomly selected Yuri's side.
- Improved AI's use of siege choppers and ability to crush monkeys with vehicles.
- Enabled the Time Machine (Friendly Construction Yard) to defend itself.
- Swapped some in-game structure models for a better atmosphere.
- Yuri will now engage all players, including friendly AI, instead of focusing on a single target.
- AI will utilize Tanya, Seal, and Boris effectively.
- AI can now unpack random building vehicles.
- Fixed G-Man animations.
- Reworked some loading screens and GUI elements.
- Reduced the mod's size by removing unused assets.
- Harvesters and superweapon random construction vehicles now explode.
- Reworked Magnetron, which can now take one soldier and shoot at everything except air units.

Additional dependencies:

- Ares and Syringe:
- CnC DDraw:
- Phobos:
- C&C AI Editor: Askeladd
- Open Source SHP Builder: Banshee, Stuck, Pad, VK
- XCC Utilities: Olaf Van Der Spek
- FinalAlert: Matthias Wagner and Contributors

You can find more information about RA2YR:BruteForce by visiting the Official Website. RA2YR:BruteForce is available for download Here. And this is all for today! Enjoy RA2YR:BruteForce and provide your feedback about it so it can get better.

Key Words: #News #Release #RedAlert2 #YurisRevenge #Ares #RA2YRBruteForce 


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