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Apocalypse 6.0.000 has been released!
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PostPosted: Wed Dec 13, 2023 4:53 am    Post subject:  Apocalypse 6.0.000 has been released!
Subject description: Apocalypse has arrived! I thought it would arrive earlier!
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Greetings, Comrade General! A new version of Apocalypse has been released a while ago by Overmind. Apocalypse is a modification for Red Alert 2: Yuri's Revenge that adds lots of units, several superweapons for the existing factions, and countless gameplay changes to make the game more fun. Here are the updates from Apocalypse 6.0.000:

[Changes since version 5.0.000]

- Allied Chrono Power Plant now takes 2x2 cells of space instead of 3x3
- Basic AA defenses now cost 900 instead of 1000
- Single-player AT Turrets now cost 900 instead of 1200
- Yuri Missile Trooper under attack animation fixed
- The Tesla Power Plant Upgrade Modules icon now has an upgrade arrow
- Range of the Allied Chrono defense turret increased by 50%
- Rearranged UI bar
- All base defenses have threat level and are targeted automatically by units
- Multiple AI Improvements
- F15 speed is now higher than Turbokat's and can shoot structures
- F49 will use special bombs vs structures
- F117 now fires cluster missiles when attacking
- Chrono Blocker has been upgraded to Chrono Storm Trooper
- All pad-based aircraft costs are reduced
- Yuri Heavy Gattling Tank can now fire AA
- Adjusted speed of various air units
- SAS now comes equipped with a portable cloak generator
- Allied Prism Destroyer AA range increased
- Yuri Battleship AA range increased
- AA range increased for multiple ground and naval units
- Soviet Sniper is able to shoot air targets when deployed
- Advanced AA defenses now cost 2400 instead of 2500
- Yuri Controller Frigate can also fire a Psi attack vs any non-submerged targets
- Walls strength increased by 33%
- AT Mine has an active animation
- Voices changed for a few units
- Yuri's Apprentice can now cloak


- Single-player Allied mission 7: Fixed bug of 2 overlapping structures
- Helicopter idle rotor spin animation has been fixed
- Fixed HM3 proper format so it plays fine
- In-game colors have a proper description
- Paradox Device: animation properly added
- Fixed F15 not shooting at ground targets automatically
- Shock Trooper can no longer overcharge Alpha Wave Towers

[Version 6.0 additions]

- New Mod Launcher (Apocalypse), which checks files before starting the mod
- New Intro/Outro menu music
- Added base defense: Allied Forward Bunker
- Added base defense: Yuri Railgun Turret
- Added music: HM1 metal cover, HM3, Some of the remastered RA1 music and others
- Added aircraft trails
- Added different power-on and power-off sounds for energy-based turrets
- Added loop-sounds for Tier 3 super-weapons
- Added power plant power-on sounds
- Added super-weapon: Anti-Orbital Defense (requires Battlelabs from all 3 sides)
- Added Prototype units: Heavy Prism Tank, Advanced Mirage Tank, Supercharged Tesla Tank, Nuclear Demolitions Truck, Railgun Half-Track, Enhanced Disruptor Tank (those are also crate drops)
- Single-player Allied mission 3: Player has an Advanced Mirage Tank prototype
- Single-player Allied mission 5: Player has a Heavy Prism Tank prototype
- Single-player Soviet mission 3: Player has a Supercharged Tesla Tank prototype
- Single-player Soviet mission 4: The player can receive a Supercharged Tesla Tank prototype and Nuclear Demolitions Truck as reinforcements
- Single-player Soviet mission 7: Player has a Turbokat Mk3 Prototype
- Yuri has Railgun Half-Track in Allied Missions 4 and 5 and Soviet Mission 6
- Yuri has Enhanced Disruptor Tank prototypes in Soviet mission 6

- All start power plants have their own unique power-on sound

[New special tech]

- Having Allied and Soviet Barracks will enable you to train Heavy Conscripts
- Having Soviet and Yuri Barracks will enable you to train UFOs
- Having Yuri and Allied Barracks will enable you to train Demolitions Troopers
- Having Soviet and Yuri Naval Yards will allow the construction of a Poseidon Facility, which comes with the Poseidon Nuke Torp and produces credits and power
- Having Allied and Soviet War Factories will allow the construction of a Mobile War Factory that can be redeployed anywhere
- Having Yuri Grinder and Allied Service Depot will allow the construction of a Forward Service Depot
- Having all 3 Battlelabs will allow you to build the Anti-Orbital Defense super-weapon

And why not? Here is additional propaganda about the mod. After all, we need to know when the Apocalypse has arrived!

The Apocalypse mod adds over 180 new units, structures, and super weapons to the original RA2YR and will give you a completely new RA2YR experience while keeping the classic feeling alive.

The mod does not require other resources to run except the original RA2YR game v1.001.

This is what the mod adds in general: 64 new structures, 40 new infantry units, 17 new naval units, 20 new air units, and 41 new vehicles.

Mod main features:

- New unique super-weapons.
- All units have their own unique sounds.
- The music from the original RA2 is included. HM3 is included. A lot of nice new music.
- Many new weapons have their own visual and audio FX.
- Tech tree is based on the original RA2YR one and extended with higher tier structures, units, and defenses.
- The maxed old tech tree is now somewhere in the middle of the new tech tree.
- Base defenses can promote and have range indicators. Base defenses are added to complement the existing ones for each side.
- Countries have more specific units, advantages, and tactics. There are plenty of options to fit any play style.
- There are plenty of secret new units and structures that require stolen or combined tech and can give you the edge in combat.
- All sides have airfields and specifically related units.
- Single-player missions containing the new mod units are fully supported and improved. They also have some nice new secrets.
- All sides have improved ways of obtaining resources and/or reducing production costs.
- Multiple units from each side can garrison buildings.
- The multiplayer of the game is balanced, each faction having specific advantages. Learn to exploit and use them.
- There are art improvements of some units, including arctic versions of some infantry and some fixes of legacy items.
- There are a few stealth units in the game and sufficient units with stealth detection.
- There are multiple tiers of naval units for all sides. Yuri now has a full naval force at his disposal.
- New IFV modes
- A nice Yuri intro cinematic

You can check my YouTube channel @BorgOvermind for videos.

You can check more information about Apocalypse by visiting the Topic at PPM Forums, and ModDB Profile. Download Apocalypse 6.0.000. And that's all for now! Have fun and enjoy Apocalypse!

Key Words: #News #Release #RedAlert2 #YurisRevenge #OvermindApocalypseMod 


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