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Combined Arms 1.02 Pre Release #1 is ready for testing!
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PostPosted: Mon Feb 26, 2024 7:15 pm    Post subject:  Combined Arms 1.02 Pre Release #1 is ready for testing!
Subject description: Refining great changes to produce a better future... with a 10% discount!
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Aloha! Inqubi, the leader of Combined Arms, has been busy recently in order to publish Combined Arms 1.02 Pre Release #1. For your information, Combined Arms is a mod for OpenRA that emulates the old Command & Conquer games gameplay and brings five factions to the battlefield: Allies, Soviets, GDI, Nod, and Scrin. It features new units and support powers for these factions. It also features new graphics and sound effects. Here is the official announcement from Combined Arms's staff about Combined Arms 1.02 Pre Release #1:

1.02 - Pre Release #1


  • Smart casting for unit abilities (by default, only the closest unit to the target will fire & ctrl can be used to force all selected units to fire).
  • New tech structure: Oil Refinery. Grants the owner a 10% production discount. Added to several team game maps.
  • Added button in skirmish/multiplayer lobby to reset options to defaults.
  • Added Fast Regrowth lobby option.
  • Added new IFV/Reckoner turrets: Yuri/Mastermind, Black Hand, Enlightened, Cyborg Elite, Mortars (Cryo/Sonic/Chem), Intruder, Ravager.
  • Overhauled Mini Drone attachment (making them easier to attach and less glitchy).
  • Improved support power targeting visuals.
  • Lowered selection priority for transport aircraft.
  • Added Testing Grounds map.

Balance & Faction Changes

  • Reduced Rifle/Minigunner/Warrior damage vs defenses by 20%.
  • Increased tier 1 tank & Tank Destroyer damage vs defenses by 20%.
  • Increased Engineer/Assimilator mine detection range.
  • Reduced basic defense power requirement from 25 to 10.
  • Reduced amount refunded when selling basic defenses.
  • Reduced mine defusal time for Engineers/Minelayers.
  • Commando/Tanya/Boris can now shoot revealed mines.
  • Lowered healing cap for commando units. It takes longer to wear off.
  • Added healing cap to any infantry with 15k HP or more.
  • Added 4-second delay to SEAL C4 planting. Reduce cooldown by 2 seconds.
  • Increased Commando/Tanya C4 cooldown a little.
  • SEAL will no longer auto-place C4 in attack anything stance.
  • Reduced Brute attack speed and DPS vs infantry significantly. Reduce speed slightly.
  • Sniper & Desolator will one-shot any infantry.
  • Tech lock duration was reduced from 60 seconds to 40 seconds.
  • Reduced mine defusal time from 3 seconds to 2 seconds.
  • Tanya/Commando/Boris can shoot revealed mines.
  • Increased Darkener damage vs buildings slightly.
  • Increased Plasma Turret HP from 4.5k to 4.6k. Increased RoF slightly. Removed inaccuracy. Moved part of damage vs. infantry to % damage warhead to better deal with high HP infantry.
  • Increased Laser Turret rate of fire slightly. Increased damage per shot vs infantry. Reduced DPS vs light armor slightly.
  • Increased Guard Tower/Pillbox damage vs. infantry, light armor, and heavy armor.
  • Increased Flame Tower/Chem Tower RoF slightly.
  • Increased Raider APC damage vs light armor. Reduce damage vs defenses.
  • Reduced Fleet Recall cooldown to 3 minutes.
  • Increased Shock Trooper HP from 7k to 8.5k.
  • Reduced Tesla Track damage vs light armor.
  • Increased Tesla Tank damage against light armor.
  • Increased Desolator damage vs light armor.
  • Increased Interloper damage vs light armor.
  • Increased Shade ammo by one and damage from 15k to 17k.
  • Increased Peacemaker cost from 2.2k to 2.4k.
  • Increased Banshee damage vs vehicles.
  • Reduced distance from SD units can be upgraded at.
  • Cyberdog armor to light armor.


  • New unit: Peacemaker - Heavy bomber available at T3 (Tech Center).
  • New upgrade for Ranger: Advanced Optics - Gives Rangers an ability that extends their vision range for a short time.
  • Reduced SEAL movement speed and lowered the cap on healing they can receive in a short time. Reduced HP from 18k to 16k. No longer immune to mind control/chaos gas.
  • New voices for Chrono Prison, Battle Fortress, Mirage Tank, and Cryo Launcher.
  • Chrono Tank will prioritize ground targets over air targets.
  • Increased Scout Tank vision from 6 to 7.
  • Increased Chrono Prison damage vs heavy armor.
  • Increased Sniper IFV damage vs vehicles. Concussion requires a Raufoss upgrade
  • Added Guardian GI IFV turret.
  • Increased Rifle/Rocket Battle Fortress damage. Reduced range (to same as infantry).
  • Medic in Battle Fortress gives healing aura.
  • USA drops require Barracks/Factory plus either radar or aircraft production (previously required radar).
  • Reverted Nighthawk to normal selection priority. Default stance to Defend.
  • Increased jamming field radius by 1
  • Reduced Turret power requirement to 25.
  • Reduced entrenched Engineer deployment time. Increased radius from 3 to 5.
  • Longbow benefits from Cryo Rockets upgrade.
  • Reduced Chrono Harvester upgrade cost to 1250.
  • Reduced Advanced Ore Processing cost to 750.
  • Reduced Nighthawk HP from 44k to 38k.
  • Increased Veil of War cooldown from 4 min to 5 min.
  • Reworked chill effect to have max ten stacks (up from 6).
  • Damage penalty removed from IFV cryo rockets.
  • Changed MGG/MRJ to light armor (increased HP from 22k to 25k).
  • Allow spies to disguise themselves as Scrin. Added SEAL/Commissar icons when disguised.


  • New unit: Floating Disc - Replaces Kirov for Psi-Corps.
  • New unit: Commissar - T3 infantry that buffs nearby infantry (increases movement and rate of fire).
  • New Upgrade for Psi-Corps: Gattling BTR.
  • Increased damage radius of V3 missiles.
  • Reduced damage and area of effect of V3 missiles when shot down.
  • Yuri will no longer kill slaves when using the mind blast ability. Slaves are killed when released, either manually or by exceeding capacity.
  • Increased turret turn speed of Mammoth Tank & Eradicator.
  • Reduced radiation strength of Apocalypse Tank shells. Reduced damage against infantry with Flak Armor/Hardened Carapace upgrade. Reduced projectile speed. Increased damage vs buildings.
  • New voices for Siege Tank, Sukhoi, Eradicator, and Halo.
  • Mammoth Tank and Apocalypse Tank will prioritize ground targets over air targets.
  • Increased Siege Tank damage vs buildings and defenses. Increased concussion duration by 1 second.
  • Increased Tesla Track damage per shot from 13.5k to 14.5k.
  • Replaced Psi-Corps Parabombs with Chaos Bombs.
  • Increased MAD Tank HP from 100k to 120k.
  • Increased Tesla Track damage.
  • Increased Tesla Tank damage.
  • Reduced Iron Curtain damage vs infantry.


  • New unit: Tomahawk Launcher - Available via research when Bombardment strategy is chosen.
  • Bombardier upgrade is now available regardless of strategy.
  • Titan railgun will always pass through the target to max range when fired at targets further than two cells away. Slightly reduced the passthrough damage.
  • Increased turret turn speed of all Mammoth Tank variants.
  • Increased Disruptor splash damage (mainly improves effectiveness against infantry).
  • New voices for Disruptor, Titan, Juggernaut, Battle Drone, Mammoth Drone & XO Powersuit.
  • Reduced strategy upgrade cost from $1250 to $1000.
  • (H)MLRS, Mammoth Tank, and Titan will prioritize ground targets over air targets.
  • Slight increase in Surgical Strike splash damage close to the target. Damage is no longer reduced by prone.
  • Reduced Sonic Tower concussion duration vs infantry from 6 seconds to 1 second.
  • Reduced Carryall vision from 10 to 9.
  • Increased Nanite Repair heal per tick from 3% to 5%, reduced duration from 30s to 25s.
  • Increased XO laser damage.
  • Increased Juggernaut cost from $1500 to $2000. Increased range, HP, and damage.
  • At elite rank, third damage level used by Vulcan vs ground targets.
  • Increase TOW missile rate of fire and add TankBuster modifier.
  • Increase Bombardier damage vs. buildings, reduced vs. defenses.
  • Reduced cost of Afterburner upgrade to 750.
  • Increased (H)MLRS HP from 18/20k to 20/22k.
  • Increased Battle Drone cost to 800.


  • New upgrade for Buggy: Decoy Projectors - Gives Buggies an ability that creates two decoy Flame Tanks (or Heavy Flame Tanks for Black Hand).
  • Chem Warrior gains targeted ability to rush towards their target to close distance.
  • Reduced infiltrator cloak recharge delay.
  • New voices for Comanche, Microwave Tank, Spectre, Venom and Heavy Flame Tank.
  • Infiltrator and stolen tech rework. Unique units for infiltrating each faction's barracks/factory/air structures, tech locked when infiltrating radars/tech centers/T4 structures.
  • . Cryo Mortar unlocked by infiltrating Allied Barracks.
  • . Reckoner unlocked by infiltrating Allied War Factory.
  • . Black Eagle unlocked by infiltrating Allied Helipad.
  • . Cyberdog unlocked by infiltrating Soviet Barracks.
  • . Rhino Tank unlocked by infiltrating Soviet War Factory.
  • . Kamov unlocked by infiltrating Soviet Airfield.
  • . Sonic Mortar unlocked by infiltrating GDI Barracks.
  • . Pitbull unlocked by infiltrating GDI Weapons Factory.
  • . Shade unlocked by infiltrating GDI Airfield.
  • . Chem Mortar unlocked by infiltrating the Hand of Nod
  • . Mantis unlocked by infiltrating Nod Airstrip (or Legion Weapons Factory)
  • . Vertigo unlocked by infiltrating Nod Helipad
  • . Cyberscrin unlocked by infiltrating Scrin Portal.
  • . Viper unlocked by infiltrating Scrin Warp Sphere.
  • . Manticore unlocked by infiltrating Scrin Gravity Stabilizer.
  • Increased Heavy Flame Tank cost from 1000 to 1100. Reduced speed from 68 to 60.
  • Black Napalm reload time penalty increased slightly (for both Heavy Flame Tank and SSM).
  • Reduced damage increase for Bikes with TibCore from +10% to +7.5%.
  • Reduced Flame Tank splash damage.
  • Reduced SSM splash radius.
  • Slightly increased Microwave Tank RoF.
  • Slightly increased cyborg conversion time.
  • Reduced Stealth Tank resistance to aircraft slightly.
  • Reduced Venom damage vs buildings (with upgrade no change).
  • Reduced Turret power requirement to 25.
  • Legion bonus changed to a 10% discount on stolen tech units.


  • New support power: Fleet Recall - Available on Signal Transmitter, teleports Devastators/Carriers/Mothership back to the Signal Transmitter.
  • New upgrade: Hypercharge - Gives Seekers/Lacerators the ability to fire an uninterrupted barrage for a short time, after which their weapons are disabled, and their speed is reduced until the ability recharges.
  • Mastermind will no longer kill slaves when using the mind spark ability. Slaves are killed when released, either manually or by exceeding capacity.
  • Increased PAC damage.
  • Increased Greater Coalescence damage/healing radius.
  • Increased Atomizer splash radius.
  • Stormcrawler with Ion Conduits generates ion clouds more frequently (every 4 seconds down from 6).
  • Increased Devourer damage. Also increased vs none/light when charged.
  • Increased Darkener damage vs light armor.
  • Reduced PAC cost from $3000 to $2800.
  • Added range circle when targeting Greater Coalescence & Storm Spike.
  • Stormrider is now able to shoot in any direction. Reduced range vs ground very slightly (0.25).
  • Mothership will charge nearby Stormriders/Enervators.
  • Increase Atomizer range from 8 to 9.
  • Increased Devastator damage by 20% and splash radius slightly. Increased projectile speed.
  • Increased Enervator damage from 10k to 11.5k and range by 1.
  • Increased Leecher self-healing slightly.


  • New sound effects for the Vulcan weapon.
  • New Aircraft Sounds.
  • Added additional visuals when units are upgrading.
  • Added Soviet star icon under feet of units affected by Commissar inspiration buff.
  • Added IFV transform sound.
  • Added Transport Load/Unload sounds.
  • Added brass casings ejected from Vulcan, BTR, Gattling BTR, Apache, Hind and Kamov, IFV, HMMV, Buggy & Ranger
  • Added voice announcements for Intensified Microwaves, Seismic Missiles & Titan Railgun upgrades on completion.
  • Fixed some aircraft sprite facings.
  • Improved custom RA EVA voice line effects.


  • Corrected Cyborg Mechanic salvage time to match Mechanic.
  • Corrected range of Disruptor with Seek & Destroy.
  • Campaign tooltip visibility corrections.
  • Fixed empty warp damage bar appearing when units have very low health.
  • Minor AI improvements.
  • Added directional targeting to infiltration airstrike and corrected building damage.
  • Fixed Chrono Tank not firing at aircraft.
  • Fixed upgrades tab not being shown when selecting Ore Purifier.
  • Fix Chem Warrior projectile being invisible when in Battle Fortress.
  • Fixed map crashes (Calming Lakes, Utter Darkness).
  • Restored "I've got a present for ya" and "kiss it bye-bye" voice lines for Commando/Tanya when ordered to plant C4.
  • Veil of War debuff no longer stacks with direct Gap Generator debuff.
  • Iron Curtain on production building no longer pauses production from it.
  • Fixed rare crashing bug caused by missiles effectively diving underground.
  • Tracking beam weapons will be canceled on death.
  • Fixed Mirage Tank disguise palettes.
  • Fixed condition warheads do not apply to large actors with multiple targetable locations.
  • Corrected Sniper/Raufoss prerequsities in mission 5.
  • Fixed rare crash caused by force landing aircraft.
  • Minor mission tweaks.
  • Fixed Jungle Boogie map.
  • Fixed Vulcan reinforcements not being in the same select group as normal Vulcans.
  • Reduced Thief selection priority.

If you are curious about Combined Arms, visit the ModDB Profile, and Discord Channel to obtain further information about it. Grab the latest pre-release version of Combined Arms by clicking Here. And this is all for today! Enjoy Combined Arms and provide your feedback about it so it can get better.

Key Words: #News #PlayTest #OpenRA #CombinedArms 


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