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One Vision 24.2.7 has been released!
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PostPosted: Mon Feb 26, 2024 8:29 pm    Post subject:  One Vision 24.2.7 has been released!
Subject description: One Purpose 24.2.7 has been released! --- Kane lives in death 24.2.7 has been released!
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One Vision, One Purpose! In the name of Kane (who lives in death, of course)! There is a new version of One Vision published under the name One Vision 24.2.7. For those who are not acquainted with it, One Vision is a modification for Command & Conquer 3: Kane's Wrath that aims to perfect its gameplay experience. It provides many diverse factions with unique units and gameplay approaches. It also improves the existing graphics and balance. Here are the official words about One Vision 24.2.7:

Greetings! The One Vision Team is proud to announce the first release of 2024!

The new versions were the result of extensive playtesting throughout the last months and addressed major pain points. In the early game, the slight health increase to Harvesters will be noticeable as most units now take another shot to destroy the Harvs. Consequently, early attacks require a tad more dedication and give a defender valuable extra seconds to scout and prepare. Other T1 buffs include Scorpion and the Raider Buggy, as well as a cheaper Seeker mutation for R-17.

A significant change also occurred to the Steel Talons Hammerhead. Its role changed from anti-tank to anti-infantry, but it kept its anti-air upgrade. Compared to other Hammerheads, it trades some speed for extra health and range. We want to make ST feel more distinct and also introduce the Sandstorm as a Slingshot replacement. And more new content will follow for T1, T2, and T3.

Other than that, we introduced a load of QoL improvements that should make many units feel more impactful. And in the goal to remove instant one-clicks, the Traveler's Chaos Lightning now has a visual 5-second warning before it strikes (you can expect more changes of this kind in the future). We are aware that some factions, such as ZOCOM and T-59, have a weak T3 and are keen to change this, but ST is our highest priority at the moment.

Patchlog Version 24.2

All Factions

  • Epic Units:

    • Adjusted the position of epics inside of their respective structures so they are no longer hidden by a scroll bar.

  • Harvesters:

    • Increased health 3840  -> 4000
    • Lowered taken rocket damage 90% -> 85%
    • Remark: Most T1 units need one more shot to kill a Harvester.
      Neutral Structures: Do not provide XP when damaged.

Common GDI

  • Juggernaught: Lowered damage to infantry 65% -> 35%
  • Firehawk:

    • Fixed loadout bug
    • Increased bomb damage 1500 -> 1750

  • Mammoth Tank:

    • Fixed Main Cannons: Had a higher rate of fire than intended before being upgraded
    • Buffed Railguns: Increased damage by 15%

  • Grenadiers

    • Fixed health 200 -> 300
    • Emp Grenades: Pre-throw delay reduced to 1s -> 0.5s
      Increased active abilities cooldown 45s  -> 60s

  • Kodiaks: Because their AA attack caused desyncs, they have been temporarily removed from the build queue.


  • MARV: Increased Zone Raider module weapons: 215 -> 250 (same as vanilla)
  • Zone Orca: Removed pre-attack delay of 0.2s

Steel Talons

  • New Unit! Sandstorm:

    • Fires rockets at ground and air targets
    • Can be upgraded with AP Rockets
    • Replaces Slingshot

  • New defense structure! Missile Battery:

    • Can be upgraded with AP Rockets
    • Replaces AA Battery

  • AP Rockets:

    • Increased research cost 2000$  -> 3000$
    • Increased research time 60s -> 90s

  • Mutant Mercenaries:

    • Lowered suppression to enemy infantry by 50%
    • Lowered suppression time 8s -> 5s

  • Falcon Commando:

    • Increased casting range of active abilities 150 -> 300
    • Increased active abilities cooldown 45s -> 60s
    • Heavy Hammerhead

      • Replaced Autocannons with Heavy Hammerhead Chaingun
      • Increased Speed 90 -> 120 (vanilla HH is 145)
      • Lowered Health 3500 -> 3000 (vanilla HH is 2400)
      • Note: The Chainguns have a range of 300, whereas ordinary Hammerheads have a range of 280. This Hammerhead still can’t garrison infantry but has anti-aircraft missiles.

Common Nod

  • Black Hand:

    • Increased cost 700 -> 800
    • Increased taken Sniper weapon damage 100% -> 120%
    • Remark: Black Hand members can now be one-shot by snipers

  • Scorpion Tank: Increased speed 80 -> 90


  • Raider Buggy:

    • Increased range 250 -> 265
    • Remark: Disintegrator range was increased a while back to improve their defensive capabilities. This had the unintended consequence of buffing them against Raider Buggies.

  • Avatar:

    • Fixed Commandeer ability: Researching Red Mercury disabled the ability to Commandeer Beam Cannons for the secondary laser. This was an unintentional holdover from the previous Laser Capacitor upgrade.

Marked of Kane

  • Myrmidon:

    • Overall, the Myrmidon overperformed despite MoK having great all-around tools
    • Increased cost 2300$ -> 2400$
    • Lowered damage of upgraded secondary laser 600 -> 540

  • Liquid Tiberium Trooper:

    • Lowered upgraded splash damage 9 -> 7
    • Lowered damage 23 -> 21

Black Hand

  • Purifier:

    • Increased damage of main laser 1180 -> 1200
    • Note: While this change looks insignificant at first, many targets will require one less shot to kill.

  • Medusa:

    • Increased range on Gorgon Missiles 600 -> 650
    • Remark: This raises the range barely above that of the Devastator to make it a reliable counter.

Common Scrin

  • Leeches: Lowers speed, range, and damage of attacked infantry by 25%
  • Ravagers:

    • Lowered cost 1000$ -> 800$
    • Removed anti-air attack
    • Lowered splash damage of Tiberium Agitation by 75% (damage against single targets remains the same)
    • Normalised Tiberium Agitation damage (empty harvesters take more damage, full harvesters take less)
    • Added downtime after teleportation of 1s

  • Shock Troopers (unupgraded):

    • Lowered delay between shots 0.4s -> 0.2s
    • Lowered delay between salvos 3.6s -> 3.2s
    • Note: This increases DPS by roughly 20%

  • Mechapede: Increase range on Anti-Air Disks 350 -> 400
  • Shock Troopers:

    • Improved Ion Supercharge Upgrade
    • Increased damage 180 -> 240
    • Lowered rate of fire by 10%


  • Shard Walker: Tripodator mutation correctly increases movement speed
  • Seeker: Lowered Vindicator mutation costs 200$ -> 100$
  • Shock Troopers:

    • Increased upgraded damage 90 -> 120
    • Lowered upgraded rate of fire by 20%

  • Armored Articulators:

    • Lowered speed increase for upgraded units +35% -> +25%

Traveller 59

  • Chaos Lightning: Added a visual 5-second delay before it activates (with visual laser indicator).
  • Advanced Blink Packs: Tripod, Phantasm, and Seeker

    • Increased Tripod teleportation range 300 -> 400 (same as Seekers and Phantasms)
    • Lowered Tripod post-teleport delay 3s -> 1s
    • Lowered other units post-teleport delay 1.5s -> 1s
    • Remark: This unifies the teleport behavior across all vehicles.

  • Prodigy:

    • Pre-teleport delay reduced to 1s -> 0.5s
    • Post-teleport delay reduced to 1.5s -> 1.2s

  • AoE Mind Control:

    • Increased cooldown 45s ? 60s
    • It cannot affect Epic Units

You can check more information about One Vision by visiting the ModDB Profile, and Discord Channel. You can grab the latest version of One Vision by clicking Here. And that's all regarding One Vision for now. Stay tuned at PPM for more news about One Vision!

Key Words: #News #Release #TiberiumWars #KanesWrath #OneVision 

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