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Combined Arms 1.02 Pre-Release #2 is ready for testing!
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PostPosted: Mon Mar 11, 2024 4:14 am    Post subject:  Combined Arms 1.02 Pre-Release #2 is ready for testing!
Subject description: Voices are being heard on the battlefield! They are calling you for batle and to recover stolen units!
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Aloha! Reinforcements have arrived from Inqubi, leader of Combined Arms, as Combined Arms 1.02 Pre Release #2 has been recently published by their team. For those who are not acquainted with it, Combined Arms is a mod for OpenRA that emulates the old Command & Conquer games gameplay and brings five factions to the battlefield: Allies, Soviets, GDI, Nod, and Scrin. It features new units and support powers for these factions. It also features new graphics and sound effects. Here are the updates from Combined Arms 1.02 Pre-Release #2:

Changes from 1.02-PreRelease-1 to 1.02-PreRelease-2

Artwork & SFX

  • New voices for Acolyte, Thief, and GDI/Soviet Mammoth Tanks. Updated Templar voice.
  • Voice announcements on completion of Ion/Hover/Drone Mammoth and Battle Drone upgrades.
  • Improved Shard Launcher/Gun Walker/Shard Walker/Ravager/Lacerator weapon impact sounds.
  • Use "Unit Stolen" announcement if your unit is stolen.
  • Voice lines for "enemy unit stolen", "technology acquired", "our technology has been stolen", "technology locked" and "our technology has been locked".

Balance & Faction Gameplay Changes

  • Guarantee at least two rifles/warriors when selling buildings (if the value of the building is sufficient) to reduce RNG.
  • Allow infantry to detect cloaked units diagonally.
  • Reduce time taken for tib exposure to wear off.
  • Increase Rifle/Warrior damage vs defenses slightly, so the overall DPS of standard army comp is the same as before.
  • Added health regen to commando units as standard. The rate doubles when elite.


  • Reduced Veil of War max radius by one cell. Increased min radius by one cell. Show range circle for enemy veils.
  • Improved Pillbox projectiles so they track the target.
  • Reverted accidental -30% SEAL RoF.
  • AA Gun requires a War Factory instead of a Radar Dome.
  • Reduced Harrier reload to match other similar planes.
  • Allow fake Radar Dome to be powered down.
  • Increased standard chill duration slightly (Rocket Soldier, Rocket IFV, Longbow).
  • Advanced Optics additionally increases detection range by 2.
  • Reduced Sniper reload time.


  • Iron Curtain limits the speed of affected units.
  • Flamethrower's Flame Tower requirement can now be substituted with Radar Dome. Increased damage vs infantry.
  • Thief is now uncrushable when moving.
  • Tesla Track no longer requires Tesla Coil.
  • Tesla Tank's Tesla Coil requirement can now be substituted with Tech Center.
  • Desolator's Chem Tower requirement can now be substituted with Tech Center.
  • Increased Yuri mind blast damage vs buildings. Corrected auto-targeting when in attack anything stance.
  • Increase Dog vision and cloak detection radius slightly.
  • Increase Floating Disc HP from 60k to 65k. Increased speed from 56 to 60. Increased vision by 1.
  • Corrected Eradicator damage.
  • Increased Atomic Reactor HP from 100k to 110k.
  • Increased Sukhoi projectile speed.
  • Floating Disc & Kirov will be disabled rather than killed by EMP.


  • EMP Missile has 3 concentric areas of effect, which disable for 24/12/6 seconds (rather than 2 that disable for 24/12). Added target radius indicator.
  • Increased Supply Drop Zone income to $1k per 60 seconds. Reduce price to $1k.
  • Improved Guard Tower projectiles so they track the target.
  • AA Gun requires a Weapons Factory instead of a Comms Center.
  • Changed EMP Missile Launcher armor type to be the same as other minor superweapons.
  • Increased Jumpjet/Bombardier speed from 99 to 108. Increased facing tolerance.
  • Removed infantry target priority from Bombardier.


  • Replaced Marked air drop with Subterranean Strike.
  • Acolyte/Templar Obelisk requirement can now be substituted with Temple of Nod.
  • Reduced Comanche & Stealth Tank damage vs buildings.
  • Increased Reckoner HP from 30k to 52k. Increased cost from 825 to 1000. Reduced speed from 82 to 60.


  • Replaced Reaper Fleet Shields discount with Ichor Seed 20% cooldown reduction.
  • Increased Atomizer cost to 1350. Prevent conditions applying to multiple targets from a single hit.
  • Increase Seeker/Lacerator cloak detection radius by 1.
  • Increased Ravager HP to 8k. Increased damage vs light. Reduced damage vs defenses.
  • Increased Enervator damage vs ground targets, reduced rate of fire.
  • Added TankBuster modifier to Hypercharge. Limited the time before the charge drains, regardless of firing.
  • Increased Banshee damage vs light.
  • Suppression Field highlights the units to be affected.


  • Fixed a bunch of map crashes.
  • Clear TNT on the unit being removed from the world.
  • Fixed cluster mines causing damage when defused.
  • Fixed Sniper/Desolator % damage to account for prone.
  • Extend IC structure selectable bounds to prevent misclick when attacking it.
  • Corrected AI use of Peacemaker.
  • Add spy detection to tooltips.
  • Fixed Yuri/Mastermind not having detection.
  • Fixed rare Tomahawk crash.

You can learn more about Combined Arms by visiting the ModDB Profile, and Discord Channel. Download Combined Arms 1.02 Pre Release #2 Here. That's all, folks! Stay tuned at PPM for more news coverage on Combined Arms!

Key Words: #News #Release #OpenRA #CombinedArms 


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