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Shattered Paradise playest-20240315 is ready for testing
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PostPosted: Sat Mar 16, 2024 1:10 pm    Post subject:  Shattered Paradise playest-20240315 is ready for testing
Subject description: An updated paradise of a tiberium vision!
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Hello, ladies and gentlemen! Shattered Paradise playest-20240315 has been published by the Shattered Paradise's crew these days for testing purposes. For those unaware, Shattered Paradise is an RTS game created with OpenRA that is inspired by the Command & Conquer Tiberian Sun universe, featuring five factions: GDI, Nod, C.A.B.A.L., Mutants, and Scrin. The changes from Shattered Paradise playest-20240315 are the following:

Marines, Militants, Marauders, Cyborgs and Razorsharks of Shattered Paradise,
quite some time has passed since the last time we posted an update (13 months, to be exact), but we are finally able to release the second playtest for Shattered Paradise!

This version contains not only new unit models for GDI, Nod, and Mutants, adjusted balance but also new effects and visuals!
There is also a lot to discover for PvE enjoyers as well because not only have we updated our A.I. but also added two new missions for GDI, reworked our first C.A.B.A.L. mission, and added a new PvE fun map called Tunnel Whacker.



  • Mutants:

    • Queens:

      • Cannot mutate infantry bug fixed

Visuals and Tooltips:

  • Generic:

    • Tooltips:

      • Adjusted all tooltips
      • Added upgrades to the tooltips

    • Superweapons:

      • Added launch effects to all of them

  • GDI:

    • Wolverine:

      • New Model

    • Amphibious APC:

      • New Model

    • Hover MRLS

      • New model

    • Mammoth Tank:

      • New model. When the "Upgrades" option is disabled, GDI Mammoth Tanks gain railguns, and their price increases to 1999

    • Ion Cannon:

      • Side beams will now spin

  • Nod

    • New skins for Stealth Tank and Specter
    • When the "Upgrades" option is disabled, demobikes gain +50% damage

  • Mutant

    • New models of Fort Lyxn Tank, Quad Cannon, and Battlebus
      When the "Upgrades" option is disabled, Blighter MRLS gains Tib-gas warhead

  • Cabal

    • Hover transport model is now bigger
    • When the "Upgrades" option is disabled, Limped Drones can attack air by default

  • Scrin

    • New light effect for hover units
    • When the "Upgrades" option is disabled, Gliders can transform right from the get-go, and their price increases to 1200
    • Essence Collector is uncrushable and drowns when caught by a web


  • GDI:

    • Titan:

      • New unupgraded attack sound

  • Nod:

    • Avatar:

      • Added footstep audio


  • Generic:

    • AI receives less cash through cheat
    • AI's cash cheat related to the number of Conyard, Refinery, and Harvester
    • Now has a cap
    • Assaulting AI backline will still be useful to destroy AI's economy
    • AI will now use load passengers to transport
    • Allowed AI to build carryalls to help harvesters

  • Nod

    • Nod AI has better control of subterranean units
    • They will return to base when there is no target
    • Demobike will carry out solo missions and return to base when there is no target

  • Mutant

    • Enabled Mutant AI to use Minelayers

  • Scrin

    • Enabled Scrin AI to use infantry airdrop by using a transport ship
      Scrin AI will sell mind-controlled buildings and units if possible


  • Generic:

    • Engineer:

      • Lowered selection priority

    • Aircraft:

      • Husks will keep the speed and direction when killed

    • Defenses:

      • It can no longer be captured

    • Added GuradSelection from CA:

      • Support and sniper units, Plague Walker and Glider (ground) will no longer rush into enemy lines when they cannot target enemies

        • Instead, they will guard units in a selection

      • Because of the order latency in multiplayer, you need to keep the selection set for a short time (>0.3s) to trigger the guard activity

    • XP will be shared between spawner and spawner's parent (e.g., Drone and Drone Host, Mine, and Minelayer), mind-controlled unit and mind-control master

      • This means they gain veterancy now

  • GDI:

    • Eagle Guard:

      • Nerfed stun duration time from 40 to 30 ticks
      • Vs. Cyborgs from 20 to 15 ticks

    • Hover MLRS:

      • HP from 300 to 250

    • Disruptor:

      • HP from 550 to 450
      • Speed from 60 to 75
      • Cost from $1300 to $1200

    • Juggernaut:

      • Increased HP from 300 to 450

    • Mammoth Tank:

      • The base damage buff per cannon reverted from 80 to 70
      • Health increased from 800 to 900

    • Sonic Emitter Protocols:

      • Research time from 1:00 to 0:45
      • Cost from $1500 to $1000

  • Nod:

    • Specter:

      • HP from 150 to 200

    • Cluster Missile:

      • Nerfed base damage
      • Previously, it was able to destroy Construction Yards
      • Increased damage vs heavy vehicles
      • Cooldown increased from 3:00 to 4:00

    • Improved Stealth Generator:

      • Cost from $1500 to $1000

  • Mutants:

    • Tunnel Network:

      • Reworked:

        • The cost of main building is from $500 to $1500
        • Build time from 5 to 30 seconds
        • Tunnel Network moved from T2 to T3
        • HP from 500 to 1000
        • Buildlimit set to 1
        • Unlocks an ability to cast tunnels anywhere on the map
        • Tunnels constructed with the ability to have 500 HP
        • Tunnels constructed by the ability cannot be sold
        • Cooldown of 2:00 and costs $500 to cast

    • Lynx Rockets:

      • Cost from $1500 to $2000
      • Research time from 1:15 to 1:00

  • C.A.B.A.L.:

    • Cyborg Commando:

      • Now affected by Cybernetic Legs upgrade

    • Drone Host:

      • Increase HP from 350 to 600

    • Improved Reaper Nets:

      • Cost from $1500 to $1000

    • Regenerative Materials:

      • Cost from $2500 to $2000
      • Research time from 1:15 to 1:00

    • Gatling Cannons:

      • Research time from 1:00 to 1:15

  • Scrin:

    • Scrin Essence:

      • Will be collected by wounded/damaged units first

Maps Changes:

  • Updated the following maps:

    • Adjusted the Global Lightning on the following maps:

      • Russian Roulette
      • Winter horror
      • Permafrost
      • Brink of Disaster

          Snow will no longer blind you on these maps


  • Remade the Cabal mission

    • Made it more complex and tuned it toward sandbox-style
      Remember, you don't have to finish all secondary missions to finish the primary mission

  • Added 2 GDI Prologue Missions for basic training

    • Are they just basic training at all?

  • Added a Minigame called "Tunnel Whacker"

    • A time-based game in the style of classic"Mole Whacker" combined with the OpenRA engine

You can learn more about Shattered Paradise by visiting the Forums at PPM, ModDB Profile, and Discord Channel. Grab the latest testing version of Shattered Paradise by clicking Here. And that's all regarding Shattered Paradise for now. Stay tuned at PPM for more news about Shattered Paradise!

Key Words: #News #PlayTest #OpenRA #ShatteredParadise 


Mods, Mods Support, Public Researchs, Map Archives, Tutorials, A Friendly Community and much more. Check it out now!

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