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United Nations G.D.I. Space Station Philadelphia Report
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Joined: 05 Jan 2003
Location: Ohio, USA

PostPosted: Tue Apr 17, 2007 9:05 pm    Post subject:  United Nations G.D.I. Space Station Philadelphia Report Reply with quote

>>>>>>>> Receiving Secure G.D.I. Transmission <<<<<<<<

>>> Input Security Code **** ** ***** -Passed- <<<

>> Message Online <<

United Nations G.D.I. Space Station Philadelphia

G.D.I. Annual Technology, Environmental, and Warfare Progress Report

April, 2033

Intro Briefing from G.D.I. Lead Tiberium Research Department

Dr. Ignatio Mobius Jr.

For over thirty years, the puzzle of the alien substance Tiberium has plagued our Earth and our most brilliant scientific minds, myself included. Every potential breakthrough in stopping the Tiberium scourge has met with failure and relentless attacks from the other great scourge upon humankind, The Brotherhood of Nod. I however believe now more than ever that answers to all our questions, all our problems, and all hopes can be obtained. With the retrieval of the Tacitus artifact, the greatest minds now have access to the greatest amount of Tiberium related data ever. For once, I can finally look forward to tomorrow, knowing that answer is almost within my grasp.

G.D.I. World Environmental Status Findings

Report generated by members of the G.D.I. Ground Ecology Protection Lab

-Data Percentage Changes-


Tiberium Related Deaths: +25-30%

Human Birth Defects & Mutations: +20%

Human Unborn Death Rate: +35%

Tiberium Growth Rate: +60%
(Underwater amounts add 35%)

Tiberium Radiation Spread: +55%

Tiberium Airborne Particles +45%

New Tiberium Species: +8%

Tiberium Related Mutations: (Plant life) +45%

Tiberium Related Mutations: (Animal life) +5%

Global Tiberium Surface Area: +10%
(Total Surface Area = 55%)

Global Tiberium Underwater Surface Area: (Approximant Values) 60-70%


Human Birthrate: -8%

Global Tiberium Air Toxin Amount: -.5%
(See Tiberium Preventive Technology)

Protected Livestock Mutation Outbreaks: -15%

Unprotected Livestock Mutation Outbreaks: -1%

-World Population Census Comparison-

Totals between 1990 – 1995(pre-Tiberium)

5,895,799,325 (approximant value)

Totals between 2029 – 2032(pre-CABAL conflict)

3,457,299,980 (approximant value)

-Tiberium Preventive Technology-

Tiberium Air Pollution represents the greatest cause of Human fatalities and Tiberium Spread, because of its current uncontrollable nature.

As of January 01, 2033, G.D.I. Combative Ecology Units begun constructing newly approved Tiberium Particle Air Purifiers in G.D.I. controlled and protective cities. The first group of five T.P.A.P.’s went online in the following cities; Berlin, London, Toronto, Tokyo, and Washington D.C. on March 15. Recent air samples show a considerable drop in Tiberium Seeds, Spores, and Particles. The next batch of five is due online is May.

Much of the Tiberium Particle Air Purifiers current success is due to the retrieval and decoding of the Tacitus artifact. Previous models and designs failed due to limited understanding of the pollution’s nature, and its ability to corrode air filters in short time spans.

By far the most common method of Tiberium expansion is basic underground root growth. A single pod of Tiberium absorbs nutrients, grows in physical mass, and then expands its root system. Early attempts to build underground retaining walls meet with instant failure, because of Tiberium’s seemingly ability to expand root systems to amazing depths, far beyond any practical wall solution. The exact depths of Tiberium root systems and limits are still unknown. Deepest records taken during 2025 came in at 3.6 miles beneath sea level. The other obvious reason retaining walls failed is of Tiberium’s ability to spread airborne seeds. Tiberium science teams have yet to develop effective methods of root expansion prevention.
The Cake is a Lie!!!
The Cake is a Lie!!!
The Cake is a Lie!!!

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Joined: 05 Jan 2003
Location: Ohio, USA

PostPosted: Tue Apr 17, 2007 9:06 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

-Tiberium Flora and Fauna Expansion-

Report Generated by Dr. G. Boudreau

The past 10 years have shown an amazing new diversity of Tiberium based plants and animals. Unlike the many mutated Earth based life forms, these new species are completely independent, and appear to be part of a larger Tiberium based ecosystem. While during the past ten years, eight of these new species emerged, but more disturbing is the fact that at least five more have been discovered only in the past three. (2030-2033)
These new species are listed bellow.


Toxic Veinhole Weed Flower

-Orange colored and palm-like in appearance. Appears to produce veinhole spores in flower pods, which are then released into the wind.

Tiberium Spore Pods

-These plants tower over the landscape. They begin as normal Green Tiberium pods at surface level, but then rise up on a singe trunk, which is covered in Tiberium crystals. A large central crystallized pod grows, until an unknown reaction occurs and the pod explodes. Released from this pod is a mixture of common blossom tree spores, green Tiberium crystals, and unidentified chemicals present in Tiberium. They also have an unusual connection with pure water, unlike any Tiberium based life discovered so far.

Mushroom Crystals

-Extremely rare. Only three have ever been spotted, and the reports that mention their existence have been deemed unreliable. Two of these reports came from “incapacitated” G.D.I. ground troops, and the last came from a Bounty Hunter associated with the Forgotten Tribes.

“Dead” Tiberium Crystals

-Reports of this phenomenon have become more frequent since the beginning of the Second Tiberium War. They have the usual Tiberium structure, but the crystals are completely transparent and no chemical clouds are visible. G.D.I. Ground and Air forces have both reported seeing the flora and it should be noted this was only witnessed in heavily controlled Nod territories. Until a sample is obtained, we can only speculate whether this is indeed a new species or a new Nod experiment.

Red Tiberium Crystals

-A third Tiberium type has been discovered, now crimson red in appearance. Very rare and only grows in limited quantities. It is even more nutrient demanding than the increasingly common Blue version, but appears to be far less volatile. Obviously, this makes it highly prized between G.D.I., Nod, The Forgotten, and more recently, rouge CABAL units and the N.C.M. faction. The theory to why Tiberium crystals continue to diversify is to fulfill new niches in the Tiberium Ecosystem.


New creatures are emerging, although at a much slower rate than Flora. Few have been captured or studied, due largely to the “Kill on Sight” approach by the G.D.I. military. Until this rule is changed, it is unlikely any new Fauna will be classified.

>> Transmission Interrupted, Standby <<
The Cake is a Lie!!!
The Cake is a Lie!!!
The Cake is a Lie!!!

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