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Really long page of tactics and weapons analysis for H:CE/H2
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Owen the Elf Jedi
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PostPosted: Sun Jul 22, 2007 1:36 am    Post subject:  Really long page of tactics and weapons analysis for H:CE/H2 Reply with quote

This is a large compilation of tips for the Halo games. Some tips may seem obvious, but you'd be surprised how often people forget them and/or don't know them; some points may be repeated. This will be a very large page...

Guide removed: See below for the new one!

Any suggestions on what should be added/changed would be appreciated, as eventually this goes to GameFAQs and Halo Fansite Forums. I may or may not add your suggestions, though. It depends on whether they're accurate and/or work.

Two notes:
Wow... six hours later, I'm done. And I still haven't covered 75% of the tactic I want in this guide, map specific tactics, or the majority of dual-wielding, vehicles, or a lot of other stuff... Don't worry, I will eventually!

I'm proud: I didn't misspell "dual" as "duel" one time!

Edit: No, this isn't complete. This is a draft that will be updated regularly. Probably until it is about twenty pages long.

I'll update in this manner: I'll erase the version currently out from online, and post a message in its place that says 'updated version of page whatever of this thread', then do it to that post, then that one, and so on. When H3 comes out, I'll begin to include that in the guide, too.

Edit: Please tell me about any typos/mispellings/etc, or anything I got wrong. And if you see something I noted that I don't know, and you do, please contact me and I'll credit you for it in the 'Thanks' section. If you have any tactics to add, contact me and I'll check them out, and if they're good, I'll add them and credit you both in the 'Thanks' and at the point in the guide that your tactic will appear. Thanks for taking the time to read this guide and help me with it!
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PostPosted: Sun Jul 22, 2007 3:34 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

There are some very nice tactics in that. (especially the plasma grenade/shot on Lockout) Thanks Owen! Very Happy

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Owen the Elf Jedi
Rocket Cyborg

Joined: 30 Jun 2006
Location: A ship going to the Ark so I can blow the crap out of the Covenant, WA

PostPosted: Sun Jul 22, 2007 4:56 am    Post subject: Version 0.11 Reply with quote

You're welcome, Disruptor. If you ever need any information on anything Halo CE/2, just PM me and I'll give you whatever information I have. And believe me, I have a lot better tactics than that. Some of which will be in the updated version, some I'll keep for myself. Speaking of which, I have some map-specific stuff for Coagulation now!

Halo CE:
Fastest possible kill-times are applicable to MP only! Legendary and Heroic campaigns have very different numbers! Number of clips includes the one in the gun. Only covers X-box. Does not cover unplayable weapons (IE Fuel Rod Gun and Sentinel Beam; I have a note on the sword).

Needler: Most newbies think when they start that this weapon is some kind of killing God, though experts usually avoid it; you'll find out why. If applied correctly, it can be a very powerful weapon, unlike its counterpart in H2; but that is true of all H:CE weapons. One thing to remember is the tracking feature. Again unlike its H2 counterpart, it has a very impressive and lethal tracking system. I've seen needles sometimes follow a person around a round barrier, if they were fired at the right angle to the side of said person. I've yet to see them hit a guy around a corner, but that's about all that will stop them, except for some very impressive maneuvering on foot. And if you just hit them with one or two or three needles, you've done very little damage. But when an opponent gathers, I think it was eight or more, the ensuing explosion will take them out every time, unless they have an overshield. This explosion takes several seconds to happen, though, and you'll usually die before it takes down your enenmy. Note that its beat down does slightly more damage than most. Clip size: Twenty shots. Number of Clips: Five. My rating: 5/10.

Plasma Pistol: This little gun is considered by newbs to be the most ineffective weapon. I mean, come on, it's just a little blue gun the size of my hand; can't be that powerful, right? Wrong. This gun can tear down a shield faster than anything else in the game. Its overcharge shot (hold R) can take out an overshield in one hit. It was designed mainly for anti-shield use, though, so it's usually better to switch to an Assualt Rifle (AR) or M6D Pistol after you remove the person's shield. It has the fastest beat down in the game. Clip size: N/A. Clip number: N/A. My rating: 9/10.

Plasma Rifle: This is truly a well-balanced gun. If you could fire it straight into an enemy non-stop, it would kill in under four seconds. But you can't do that. Why? The gun isn't accurate enough to sustain a blast straight into an enemy for that long, and neither can it fire that many shots without overheating. But if you get to close range and then rip into them, but slow down enough to let it cool down to having exactly the right number of finishing shots, it will usually take less than six seconds to kill your opponent. Clip size: N/A. Clip number: N/A. My rating: 7.5/10.

AR: The Assualt Rifle is a very powerful weapon at close range. Just unload and if every shot hits your enemy they'll be dead in less than two seconds. But in order to ensure every shot hits, you'll have to make sure you press the barrel snugly into their chest. Laughing Seriously, this is the most innacurate weapon in the game, other than maybe the shotgun; but it is still one of the best. Just don't use it on Legendary, or you will die; on Legendary it can't cut down someone fast enough, and if you try, his buddies will mow you down while the recipient of fire dies. It is very powerful when applied in close range situations, because it can land most shots within 5-10 feet. At long range there is a firing pattern that works very well; hold down the trigger for 1-1.5 seconds, then relax for 0.5-1 second, and repeat the process until the clip is empty. It has a very fast beat down. This weapon is the king of anti-Banshee weapons. Note that after you take down an opponent, the rounds for this gun keep will fire right through him and hit the people behind him! Clip size: 60. Number: 11. My rating: 8/10.

M6D Pistol: The Pistol is considered the champion of the game. One headshot when someone's shields are down, and you have a kill.
This works on any difficulty setting, by the way. It didn't do much to shields though, so I'd suggest unloading an overcharge from a Plasma Pistol first. It has 2x zoom; as with all scoped weapons, you de-zoom if you get shot/beat/naded. Clip size: 12. Clip number: 11. My rating: 9/10.

Those are the five weapons you'll encounter before the middle of the second level, and by far the most common ones in the game.

Sniper Rifle: My personal favorite weapon. Note: If you can't no-scope people (aim, prepare, and fire while being shot), which most people can't do because they don't practice it, then do not use this weapon. Even if you can't no-scope, then just pick the gun up so people who can do that and snipe (zoom in, aim, fire) won't get the gun, but don't use it. Keep something that can damage both shields and flesh heavily as your primary weapon (IE either pistol) and just use that. Note that the beatdown for this weapon was quite retarded to try and use. Clip size: 4. Clip number: I don't remember for CE. My rating: 10/10 if you can no-scope, 7/10 if you can't.

Rocket Launcher: The heaviest hitter in the game. This weapon only carries two rounds per magazine, and can't fire them very fast. It is a one-hit kill if it connects or lands within a few feet of the person, but I like to avoid it because if you aren't careful you could accidently balst someone close enough to you that you die as well, or you might just shoot a wall, which is even worse. Clip size: 2. Clip number: 5. My rating: 6/10.

Shotgun: The best close range weapon in the game. This one kicks the butt of its H2 counterpart. It can take down someone with full shields at about 15 feet. An overshielded player at point-blank will only take 2-3 shots to kill. One interesting note is that it reloads shot-by-shot, like a real shotgun, and it can reload all its shots in only a little more time than most guns' can normal-reload; this was definitely a big advantage. Clip size: 12. Clip number: 5. My rating: 9/10.

Grenades: This game has two types of grenades; Plasma grenades and Fragmentation grenades. Frag nades have a wider splash damage range and do more damage within that range than Plasma nades, but Plas-nades are sticky. If one hits you, you are dead. There's nothing you can do if your opponent sticks you, other than try to take him with you by gunning him down or keeping him within the lethal damage range, too. I once saw someone say that beating the guy down was a way of taking him with you, but that's stupid; if he's within the range of a succesful beat-down, he's also within the death range of the grenade stuck to you.

Tactics unique to CE
Proper Needling: The H:CE Needler is easily the worst weapon in the game in most situations, but there are a few situations where nothing can stop it. One such time is when you force an opponent behind a barrier with your primary weapon and his shields are down; if you unload a clip of needlers at the right angle, they will track him and take him out. Other than this and tactics like this, the Needler was almost useless.

The infamous H:CE n00b-combo: Overcharge a Plasma Pistol and unload it into someone, then immmediately take out your M6D and blow one into their skull. Instant kill. This is nefarious as one of three n00b-combos (that is the actual name of them) and the only one in H:CE; how many newbies actually use it is in question, though, because it is a faily advanced tactic; most people learn neither that Pistol headshosts are instant kill nor that overcharge shots remove shields in one hit until they are fairly experienced in the campaigns and/or X-Box Live. This is my second favorite tactic, and is one of the most powerful combo's in H:CE. The three in Halo-2 are addressed below.

Swords: In H:CE, you cannot pick up swords, and an Elite with a sword will kill you in one hit with the sword. Do not try to beat them down/shotgun them. You will die. But if you just retreat and light them up with whatever gun you're using you should be able to take down the Elite very easily.

Halo 2:
Clip count does not include the clip in the gun.

Needler: The worst weapon in H:CE is back, but now downgraded. It now can't track very well at close range; unless they are in the exact middle of your sights, most of your needles will miss. It also can't track very well at long-range. It takes eight needles stuck to the person at once and you'll get the bug purple explosion, but if the person still has shields and just sidesteps most of your needles bounce off! This weapon retains its status as the worst weapon, but unlike CE, where it was still a good gun (in CE everything was good if applied right), it is completely useless. If you see this gun anywhere, leave it there. If you see someone carrying this weapon, you can probably get an easy kill, for so long as they don't have a good secondary weapon. If you can stick the person with eight needles, you can take them out; but that isn't gonna happen unless you fire from exactly the right range with the person in the exact center of your crosshairs. Use it right and it's a powerful weapon, but trying to use it right isn't worth it when there are so many better weapons. Clip size: raised from 20 to 30. Clip number: 3. My rating: 0.5/10 because of uselessness, since even the better weapons are more common. If they were more rare, 3.5/10.

Plasma Pistol: The Plasma Pistol is now completely useless once your enemy's shields are down. It takes 19 shots to kill someone with the Plasma Pistol once their shields are down. But the overcharge still takes out someone's shields/overshield with one hit. But there is a really retarded thing about the overcharge now: It does less damage to an unshielded opponent than the normal shot does! I kid you not, the overcharge does less against unshielded opponents than the uncharged shots. It is a truly moronic thing about the gun, but it does help balance the weapon; if the overcharge did more damage to flesh, why not just take two plasma pistols from Grunts in the campaign and overcharge them, use one to take down a shield and the other to take out the health? By reducing the overcharge's effects on health, they force you to switch to a secondary weapon and/or dual wield the Plasma Pistol with another weapon. It retained its lightning fast beatdown, thank God. Clip size: N/A. Clip number: N/A. My rating: 3/10 alone, 9/10 when used with a secondary and/or dual wielded with another gun.

Plasma Rifle: The plasma rifle was almost unchanged, other than its accuracy, ROF, and overheat times (which was increased for all weapons). It actually managed to survive the downgrading of the weapons for H2 relatively unchanged (which is quite amazing), but with the addition of the BR, SMG, and Carbine it became fairly irrelevant. My rating: 7/10.

Brute Plasma Rifle: The normal PR, except now it is red, fires faster, and overheats faster; in all, the normal PR was better. My rating: 6/10.

Battle Rifle (BR): This gun is hailed by almost all Pro's to be the ultamite weapon in H2. It is effectively the M6D rifle-ized with a lighter bullet, but a 3-round burst that makes up for it. And the total number of times you can pull the trigger before you run out of ammo has been lowered. One head-shot kills, and it takes three and two thirds bursts to take out a shield. Do the math: four rounds, if all bullets hit and the last is a headshot, will take down a shielded opponent. It even has the exact same zoom animation as the M6D. Clip size: 36. Clip number: 3. My rating: 10/10.

Carbine: This gun matches the pistol from CE almost exactly; it does only slightly less damage, has the same zoom, and has an increased clip, but less of them. Really the most significant difference is that the controls handle like a rifle instead of a pistol now. Still has the one-hit-kill for headshots. Clip size: 18. Clip number: 4. My rating: 9/10.

SMG: The AR, but crappy now. Still the ultamite anti-Banshee weapon, though. I suppose they had to make it crappy in order to balance the fact that it is now dual-wieldable. Use like you would a less-powerful AR, and you'll be fine. Clip size: 60. Clip number: 3. My rating: 7.5/10.

M6C Magnum Pistol: Despite common thought, this is not a down-graded version of the M6D. That is the BR/Carbine. This is a new gun, made to be like a real pistol. Still has one-shot-kills for headshots. Clip size: 12. Clip number: 4.

Sniper Rifle: This weapon is, ironically considering the mass-downgrading, untouched other than the improved zoom distance, lack of motion-sensor view in zoom, and magnetic shots that will adjust slightly to give you a better chance of hitting a target. Everything is the same for rating/ammo. Except that I know the H2 one holds 5 clips. And, thank the Lord, they replaced the retarded beat-down animation from CE that I never figured out how to use. Rating still 10/10.

Beam Rifle: This is almost the same as the SR, but with less ammo, and the fact that it can fire continuosly (if you take care not to overheat it). I didn't like that it could only unload 2 rounds rapidly, whereas the SR could do 4; but this gun doesn't have to reload. The fact it has less ammo (6 shots less) can hurt you, though. It also has a slower beat-down attack. Rating 9.5/10.

Rocket Launcher: The only weapon more powerful than its CE counter-part. The R-Launcher can now track vehicles if you hold the trigger down when you have them in your sights. Same clip, only three of them now. My rating: 8/10.

Fuel Rod Cannon (single-player only): The best anti-personel weapon in H2. It isn't as good against vehicles as the R-Launcher, though. The five rapid-shot fuel-rods can devastate a whole squad in Single Player. There was a reason they kept it out of MP, though; it would be the ultamite weapon, which would ruin Bungie's Hell-bent search for balance. Which they did a good job at, actually. Clip size: 5. Clip Number: I've never reached the max-ammo for this weapon; I always just unload it into the nearest powerful enenmies. My rating: 11/10 Laughing

Brute shot: This weapon wasn't good for much, but the Brutes died faster than snowflakes in the Sahara against this weapon. I wouldn't suggest it for MP, though; unshielded opponents will die in one hit if the grenades you launched connects, but it will take two to take out their shields, and you probably won't be able to make this weapon's shot connect, anyway. Clip size: 4. Clip number: 3. My rating: 5/10.

Shotgun: The downgraded shotgun from CE. Make absolutely sure to have the weapon firmly in the guy's gut before firing in order to get a one-hit kill. Laughing This gun is still an awesome weapon, and if you time it right, as someone lunges with the sword, you can kill them right before they reach you. But, remember how the H:CE reload was so good? Now, while it reloads int he same method, by the time you get the first shell loaded most people will have sent you to Judgement day. Clip size: 12. Clip number: 3. My rating: 8/10.

Energy Sword: I saw a rant in a weapons guide for H2. A guy was complaining (rightfully) about how Bungie downgraded everything in the game, then said (about what they could do to worsen the game in H3) "You could also make an extremely unbalanced weapon that has infinite ammo, and scores one-hit kills. Ah, my bad. You already did." That pretty much describes the sword. In SP its ammo is limited, but in MP you can just keep using it. But, thank God, there are ways to stop it: Kill the person at long range in any of a dozen ways; use the n00b combos; stick them; SMG/PR them before the reach you; Shotgun them before their lunge reaches you (and more I won't bother to list). That may seem like a long list, but when opposed to the ways to stop everything else, it's nothing. To lunge, wait until your wierd-as-heck crosshair turns red, then pull the right trigger. One hit kill if the guy has no over-shield. My rating: 8.5/10.

Sentinal Beam: Don't even touch this piece of crap. Worst weapon in the game. I have yet to even find an online guide that addresses them (I'm serious about that). My rating: on a scale of 1-10... negative 3.

Grenade changes: All splash damages have been reduced. The frag-grenades now can't kill anyone unless the people's shields are down; they are made only to soften-up a target. The plasmas do nothing unless they stick, or they're within two feet of a guy who's already got his shields down.

Tactics unique to H2/Tactics for both
Zoom: Remember, guns like the Pistol and SR are more accurate when zoomed in, but if you get hit you zoom back out. If you continually zoom in at close-to-medium range for the shot you're trying to get, they'll just keep shooting you and you'll zoom back out, preventing the shot. If someone attacks you at medium/close range, just no-scope them.

No-scoping: This is a very difficult technique to master, and is my personal favorite thing to do. Practice is the only way to learn. A helpful technique for this is "face-painting", the act of sliding the crosshairs accross the guy at head level and pulling the trigger at about the time his head enters the crosshairs, rather than trying to just line up the shot directly with the guys head. And when no-scoping with an SR rather than an M6D, going for a headshot is usually a bad idea anyway, unless you are especially proficient at it.

Physics: Physics can help you a lot in Halo. Learning only just basic physics can help you with many things; Halo CE and Halo 2 have one of the best physics engines in all FPS games, and each vehicle has the realistic weight programmed in. Figure out what will happen when you ram this steel object of this weight into another of that weight when they're going at speeds A and B at angle C, and you can increase your skill dramatically. Learning to bounce grenades off walls correctly in order to hit someone you can't see, or bouncing one off a wall and forcing the person to take cover where the grenade falls is very useful, as shown below in a pic from www.halo3forum.com that someone named PHil made (the capital H is not a typo) of a tactic that someone named Cleggy suggested. The note "I made that pic" was made by PHil, not me.

The above site can help you a lot, if you learn the names (also called 'callouts') of various locations on the maps. This U-tube search will help you with the callouts on three of the most popular maps: Ascension, Lockout, and Midship.

Basic Grenade distancing:
Now, note that (most of the time) you start looking straight forward. Just straight, no angle up or down. This is 0 degrees of angle, you'll remember from about third grade. Now, look straight up. This would be 90 degrees of angle, but you usually can't quite make it to straight up when you look up in games. Now, look exactly half way between 90 degrees and 0 degrees. This is 45 degrees, also known as terminal angle to some throwers. 45 degrees has many, many nicknames. Throwing a nade at 0 degrees just throws it straight. Throwing a nade 90 degrees will have it come right back down (or would, if you could throw at 90 degrees). Edge 0 up slightly, and it goes farther. Edge 90 down slightly, and it goes farther. It does this until 45 degrees. 45 degrees is the position at which you can throw nades the farthest.

Use your secondary weapon. This seems obvious, but many people forget it often. When your BR or AR or Carbine or such weapon runs out of ammo in its clip, you will often die before you can reload. Switching to your secondary weapon when your first one's clip is empty will save you quite often.

Do not follow people at close range. This is just stupid. I see newbs, and even good players, following someone to assinate them and save ammo. And then the person sees them on motion sensor, goes around a corner, and then the chaser follows and gets blasted to heck before he can even respond. If you have the chance to follow someone closely, just stick them instead and get out of there.

If you notice someone following you at close range, then try the above corner idea, or if you know who it is and you know you have the better close-range weapons, you can just turn around and blast them. Or try sticking them and running, like the other person should have done.

Cheap nades: If you know you're about to die and you're at close range EG the other person has a Shotty/Sword, stick the person if you can, or if their shields are down throw a frag grenade at their feet. This tactic is almost always a kill. Some people call it cheap, but most expert players do it, so I say it's OK.

Long-range stickies: These are very rare, unless the person is just standing there doing nothing and doesn't move the whole time until the grenade happens. It isn't prudent to even try this most of the time; save the Plas-nades for close range when you know you can hit the guy. Frag grenades work well for this, though; but remember frag's can only soften targets now, not kill them.

Watch your motion sensor! This seems obvious, but most people never even look at their motion sensor once in most games. And remember, in CE you can use your motion sensor while zoomed in, but in H2 you can't. If you're sniping, click back out often to make sure no-one assinates/sticks/ambushes you. And on that note, if you're sniping, always keep moving!

The infamous Halo-2 n00b-combos: Effectively the same as the H:CE n00b combos, but in one of the following ways: BR instead of the M6D, Carbine instead of the M6D, or M6C as secodary or dual-wielded weapon instead of the M6D.

Shotty the swordsmen. Seriously, if you know the guy has the sword, make sure you have the Shotgun. If he lunges at you, pull the trigger just before he reaches you, and he'll die.

Get the sword, then wait in a dark corner (make sure not to move, because this will give away your position). Then as someone goes by, lunge at them, kill them, then move to a new hiding spot. Make sure to keep your secondary out until you actually kill them, though, because the light from your energy-sword will give you away. This tactic also works well with the Shotgun, or with sticky grenades.

The n00b-combos are not just for newbs. I never see n00bs use them. And it is one of the best things you can do. Try it!

Learn to no-scope, then if someone is coming at you with a shotty, just start backing away, line up your shot, and pull the trigger twice. Don't risk going for the headshot, just put two in and be done with it.

Sidestep needles when you have shields. Most will bounce off you. If you don't have shields, you will find out what the only time Needlers are ever useful is. And if you have shields and a good weapon, and you see someone with a Needler, it's an easy kill. Unless the guy knows this and pulls out an R-Launcher when you open fire and then blows you away. This happen often. Try it! Grab a Needler and a good weapon, then lure someone into trying to kill you. It works great... unless the Rocket/Snipe/Stick/Sword/N00b-Combo/BR you. Note: That's a shorter list than the anti-Energy sword tactics.



Do not sit around doing nothing. Ever! If you do, you are dead. Literally. Snipers/BRs/Carbines/Rockets will take you out it seconds if you do. And people who try the ineffective L-R sticky will probably hit you, too.

Anti-vehicle tactics start: Don't try to rocket the Banshee with tracking, it won't work; anyone with a right to be in that Banshee will just roll out of the way. What you should do is throw a sticky grenade at them, and then launch the Rocket at where they roll to; this works 50%-80% of the time. Remember, the SMG/SMG combo if fired in pattern will slaughter the Banshee. With the BR, first shoot off the wings, then try to shoot the undercarriage if you can; this is the weak point on the Banshee. On the Ghost it's the fuel tank on the left side behind the wing, on the Warthog it's the tires and, if you blow the cover off, the engine. A great tactic against Ghosts if you have the Shotgun is to wait untill the enemy tries to splatter you, then jump over them and let the shotgun shell rain down on their head. This usually doesn't kill one-hit, and most people aren't stupid enough to charge again (of course, most aren't stupid enough to charge in the first place), so then take out your secondary and let loose. If you do not have the shotty, try sticking the Ghost as it passes beneath you. The sticky tactics work with almost all vehicles; Plasma grenades are considered by most to be the Vehicles-Bane.

Anti-beats (also, see below for slightly varied 'Anti-BXR' techniques): If someone is getting close to you, and you can't kill them before they can beat you down, try these methods. Sticking them as they get close; most people forget nades when the other guy gets close, but learn not to forget and you'll see your score begin to increase. Keep a shotty or sword for your secondary, and when they move in for the kill, switch to it and pull the trigger to take them out. Also try jumping over them; this doesn't sound like it would work, but if you jump over a guy, spin around quickly, and hit him in the back it will work very well. Remember, after firing most weapons there is a slight delay before you can beat (EG the recovery from recoil). But the shotgun has no such delay; after firing, immediately beat. I've seen guys get triple kills on Warlock very often by firing a Shotgun round then beating someone once, then shotgunning another guy, then putting another beat into the second guy. I've seen several killtaculars with people assinating two people and shotgunning the other two. In CTF games on Warlock and a few other maps you can effectively remove an entire team if it stays too closely packed.

Map Specific tactics
Coagulation tactics:
First off, note that this is a Sniper/Tank dominated map. If tanks are off the Banshees become a major asset. The R-Launcher in the middle is also very valuable (see below).

The Snipers are located on top of the Blue/Red bases. I don't know exactly where the Beam-Rifle spawns (I'll find out before 0.12), but I think it's in the Rocks. If you spawn at a base, immedietly get on top of it and grab the Sniper and BR there. Don't forget the nades, too! Then grab a tank and call it good. If you spawn in the rocks, you'll find a power-up there. Grab it, then get the Beam Rifle. I think a Plasma weapon is there, too. Oh, and another good tactic for the base-spawns is to get the plasma pistol in front of the ramped entrace to the inside of the base and the magnum inside and then wait on top for someone to try and get the Sniper. Then they're dead from n00b-combo 3. Spawning in the center is, contrary to popular theory, not such a bad spot. In almost the exact center of the map, on the trail is the Rocket Launcher. Get this, and wait for a tank to come, then track one rocket and let the other off right in front of where you fired the tracked one. This will scrap the tank; and if you learn to time your shots exactly right, you can actually sometimes let off both rockets at once; it's akin to the double/quadruple shot with the BR, though some say more difficult (see-below); I don't know the exact combo for it, but it happens by accident often. The worst spawn is actually the one most people want: near the small rock formations by each base. In these formations is the shotgun. The shotty is effectively useless on this map, though, since it is so large.
This is probably the only time you will find a use for the Needlers. On this open map, the Needles are almost impossible to evade, and sidestepping won't stop enough when they are fired from the correct range, and this range is very easy to attain on a map this open. So just snipe the guy with Needles. I don't know where the Needles spawn, but I see them often, so they are somewhere. There is a Plasma Rifle in front of the Banshee spawns; these Banshee spawns are beneath each base. In the small tree-grove there is rocket ammo. I don't know where the Stickies are in this map, but I always have them, so I assume they're in a commonly traversed spot.

I've decided to include button combos and superjumps. There are over a dozen in H2 alone, so I'll just start with the basic ones. But button combos and superjumps are considered by Bungie to be cheating, so if more a Moderator tells me to remove them, and another Moderator doesn't dispute the matter by the next day, I will remove them from the PPM version.

Button Combos (and Superjumps) All of these need to be timed exactly right in order to work.

RRX: The most common one, and also one of the most difficult. If timed correctly, this will launch two bursts with the BR. If you double press Y it will skip the reload and let you continue firing normally, or repeat the RRX, which if both land and the second is a headshot it will kill your enemy.

BXR: If you beat-down, press X, then fire you can stop the beat and get a headshot very quickly, which will kill your enemies very fast.

Y,YY: Pretty easy. This will switch your weapon faster.

X,YY: If you have a secondary, this will increase the speed of reload if timed right.

Very important
This is the beginning of a list of anti-button combo techniques. I only have one for you right now.

BXR: If someone is doing the BXR to you, and you can't kill them before they can, try these. Sticking them as they get close; most people forget nades when the guy gets close, but learn not to and you'll see your score increase. Keep a shotty for your secondary (the only time someone will really BXR consistently you is on a close range map where the shotgun dominates anyway), and when they move in for the kill, switch to it and pull the trigger, just like you would against a sword. Also try jumping over them; this doesn't sound like it would work, but if you jump over a guy, spin around quickly, and hit him in the back it will work very well and effectively counter the BXR.

Thanks to:

The guys at the Halo Fansite Forums for everything they taught me (which was a lot).

Gavin, Ian, and Ashley for teaching me so much! Especially Ashley, as she was the person who originally taught me to play Halo.

Stephen Ross (aka SteveO 528) for his excellent Halo 2 weapons guide on GameFAQs.

Everyone here for being so cool!


N00b whacking I don't know what pro's call this, so I'll refer to it as n00b whacking (related to the n00b combo).
If you overcharge a Plasma Pistol, then get to close range and fire it at someone, if it connects you can beat down for an instant kill. This is excellent for countering the BXR. Note: Depending on how much damage the person had taken to their health beforehand, you may need to do a aerial beatdown to kill the guy.

Edit 2:
Great links
H2 Tips part 1
H2 Tips part 2; the button combos

Another edit:
I updated the Sniper-rifle/Beam-rifle section and noted that the H2 clip counts do not include the one in the gun.
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