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A Turning Point (Part 2)
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Laser Commando

Joined: 06 Apr 2009
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PostPosted: Sat May 16, 2009 4:45 pm    Post subject:  A Turning Point (Part 2)
Subject description: Can McNeil train Ghostalker good enough to kill Stinger? Find out in Part 2
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We continued to the Dellaria barracks without another word and showed the guard at the gatehouse our IDs. We went into the base and walked into the barracks. The barracks was lit but all the GDI personnel were asleep or talking amongst themselves in their tiny rooms. I now had my own tiny room in the barracks and McNeil was my roommate. I went to sleep fast and woke up to McNeil's voice.
"Wake up."
"Hmsksaakldjakldj." I grumbled in my sleep state I was in.
"Wake up!" McNeil commanded.
"I'm up!"
"Okay, good. Let's start your training."
"What time is it?"
"3:00 am."
"Are you kidding me?!"
"Commandos are ready for action no matter what hour it is."
"Fine, but I want breakfast first."
"I was planning on it. I brought breakfast to you today."
"Great, training is much better than I thought!"
McNeil handed a snake and 2 beetles.
"What is this?"
"Your breakfast. Commandos have to do with the elements around them. Eat anything living that is not poisonous, or has spikes."
"I have to eat this?"
"And if I don't want to?"
"I'll get you court-martialed for disobeying direct orders from a superior."
"That's blackmail!"
"Just eat your crap."
I just barely swallowed my "meal" without throing up on McNeil.
"Now for weight training."
He guided me to the weight room where I pushed, pulled and lifted until I was exhausted.
"Good. Now for fight training."
"I'm exhausted."
"Too bad."
"Of course."
I got into the fight training rink with McNeil.
"Who am I fighting?"
I laughed really hard at that. I laughed so hard I cried tears of laughter.
"I used to be a GDI marine."
"Yeah, a long time ago."
"I still do the same training I did back then, but now I do it in the Kodiak."
"Okay, I'll fight you, but don't cry when I beat you."
He flew a punch at me and sent me flying to the rink ropes.
"That's why you lost."
"I wasn't ready."
"You have to be ready at all times."
"Just get back here so I can kick your ass."
"You're still cocky?"
"Then let's go."
He threw a kick towards my chest but I dodged. I jabbed his left shoulder. He grabbed my arm and threww me against the ropes. He stomped his right foot where I was before I rolled quickly to the left. I jumped up but took a blow from his fist to my stomach. I kicked his right leg and he went down. He grabbed my ankles and threw me down. He got up and put his foot on my chest.
"Do you give up?"
"Just get your foot off me."
I got up and dusted myself off.
"You're going to need a lot of training."
"I said "Whatever it takes." remember?"
"Okay then, let's go back to the weight room and get you exhausted again, then come back here until you beat me."
We did just as he said, but it took 3 days before I noticed any improvement. At the end of the fourth day, though, I beat him. But I still wasn't strong enough to take on Stinger Stinger was stronger than McNeil. Much stronger. I kept training for the next month. By the end of the month McNeil didn't have a chance in our fights.
"You're ready."
"I am?!?!"
"I believe you are."
"We should throw a party!"
"...once you kill Stinger."
"Of course."
"Now we just need to know where Stinger is stationed. I'll send spies into all the Black Hand controlled cities to find it out."
"I'll keep up my training."
"You do that. I'm proud of you."
"Thank you."
We shook hands and he left for the Kodiak.
He turned and looked at me.
"Where is my car and keys?"
He threw my keys to me.
"Your car is in here."
"It is?"
"We towed it from Kriff to here. I'm surprised you didn't see it. It's the only Mercedes in this base."
"Okay. Do I have permission to go home."
"Permission granted."
"No problem."
McNeil opened the door and left. I decided to stay for a while and have breakfast. It was 5:23 am. I got eggs, French toast, and 3 strips of bacon from the buffet. I chewed and wondered where Stinger was. Not Trion. Of course. It turned out I was really hungry because when I looked down and turned away from my thoughts, the food was gone. I threw the styrofoam tray away and left the barracks. My Mercedes was waiting in the parking lot. It did stick out. All the other cars were jeeps or SUVs. I drove to my home in the country. I live in the country because it is so peaceful. I had a small garden so I didn't have to go to the store for vegetables and fruit most of the time. I walked into my house when I opened the locked door with the key under my false rock. I opened the door with ease and went into my room where I went out like a light. I woke up and found McNeil leaning over me.
"Stop doing that, it creeps me out."
"Why are you here?"
"We found Stinger."
"That was fast."
"Not many Black Hand controlled towns."
"So where is he?"
"We're going to attack Samoha?!?!"
"Unfortunately yes, or we can do the alternative."
"What is that?"
"Stealthily kill him."
"GDI isn't meant for stealth."
"...but commandos are."
"Okay. I might be able to do it...."
"Geat! Let's go."
"Whoa, whoa, whoa! Let me have breakfast."
I got up and walked into the kitchen where I got a glass of orange juice and started making a bowl of corn flakes.
"You want any breakfast?"
"No, thanks."
I sat down and enjoyed the cereal. I grabbed the TV's remote and turned it to the news channel. The reporter was doing a story on the destruction of Trion. They didn't say anything about me being knocked out by Stinger. They were just talking about the destruction.
"Why are they still reporting on this?" I asked my self.
I finished my breakfast and got changed and had a shower.
"Ready yet?"
"Hold on. Be patient."
I got my mission clothes on and walked outside.
"Now I'm ready."
"Let's go."
McNeil started up the car and backed out of my driveway. We drove down the country road towards Samoha. He gave me my briefing on the way there.
"Stinger is in the "Stay Inn" hotel, room 156. We have a copy of his key."
McNeil gave me the key.
"The hotel is located on Armistice Road. I will drive you into the hotel's underground parking where you will then go up to hi suite and assassinate him. Then you will come back down to the parking and get back into the car."
"Where's my weapon?"
"You'll have to kill him without a weapon."
"I can do that."
"Ghostalker, do not overestimate him this time."
"I will not make that mistake ever again. Those first few battles with you where I lost taught me to be humbler."
"Good. I did teach you that lesson."
I looked through the front windshield into the bustling town of Samoha. People were everywhere.
"We're almost there. Just 2 more blocks to go." McNeil said.
I just watched all the large buildings and the many distractions the big city provided to my eyes. I looked at the road we were now on. Armistice Road. We pulled into the hotel's underground parking structure. There were hundreds of cars there. We ended up parking on the last floor. I got out and closed the car door.
"Good luck."
"I'll need it." I said without turning my head.
I got into the crowded elevator and pressed the 2nd floor button. The elevator stopped at the 1st floor and a mother with four children got out of the still-crowded space. 2nd floor. I walked out and walked down the red-carpeted hallway. I took the room key out of my pocket. His room was at the second-to-last door in the hallway. I pressed the key and turned it. I pressed the door in smoothly and arrived into an empty living room. I heard a sound similar to that of someone getting up from a chair. Stinger peeked out and looked slightly surprised.
"You didn't learn your lesson?"
"Well then, I need to teach it to you."
He practically flew towards me, bringing up his fist all up. I moved and tripped him when he went past me. He faceplanted into the door but got up quickly and wiped the blood away from his mouth. I walked towards him, trying to anticipate his next move. He brought his fist towards my chest and I grabbed it in midair. I twisted it while he brought his other fist into my stomach.
"I see you got better." he told me.
"...and you didn't."
He smirked and we circled each other. I ended up striking his hip and he kicked the air above me. I launched my entire body at him before he could dodge it entirely. We both went down but I got up and punched down as hard as I could on his abdomen. He went unconscious. I delivered the final blow to his head with my foot and it was over. I went on my way, walking briskly towards where the car was waiting. I decided to take the stairs to the parking floor where my escape was waiting. I was clutching where he hit my in the stomach. I was also limping from when I attacked with my body. I had somehow twisted my ankle and winced in pain at every step. I made it into the parking lot floor where the car was waiting and got in the vehicle.
"How did it go?"
I looked up at him.
"He's dead."
"Now we can have our party. What damage did you take?"
"Twisted ankle and my stomach will probably have an extremely large bruise."
"Yeah. We're going to have to hold off on the party until I get better."
"Too bad."
"It won't be long before this is all over the news."
"They'll find out you did it with their DNA evidence they have in your file."
"That will be in a few hours though."
"Well, let's just thank God your ok and get you to a hospital again."
"Okay. I'll sleep a little until we get there."
I went to sleep and lived, knowing that I had done what no other person had been able to do.

I hop you enjoyed this story by yours truly (that's me Very Happy). This is the longest story I have ever written in my time here. It's also the longest story I've ever made, period.
Don't throw me into the briar patch.
You and your silly little words.

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Laser Commando

Joined: 06 Apr 2009
Location: eating cheese sticks at my new laptop, getting constipated

PostPosted: Tue May 19, 2009 11:53 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

This is the end of this saga...
SPOILER ALERT: My next saga is the Awakening of CABAL, where a cyborg created by CABAL before he was shut down has bee programmed to reawaken him...
Don't throw me into the briar patch.
You and your silly little words.

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