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Nod lvl 14: Compulsions on Hard difficulty
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PostPosted: Wed Nov 08, 2017 8:36 pm    Post subject:  Nod lvl 14: Compulsions on Hard difficulty
Subject description: Help?
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I'm having trouble with mission 14 of Nod, Compulsions, where you have to send a ghost to infiltrate the temple of nod and then build a base and defend the new brotherhood against GDI.

When I played it on Easy difficulty, it was a bit tough at moments, but ultimately not too tricky to finish. But now I'm playing on Hard difficulty and I'm starting to think it can't be done.
The first part of the mission wasn't any harder, but in the second part, almost immediately after deploying my MCV, swarms of units are sent both to my base and the new brotherhood's. After some failed attempts, I decided to focus on building multiple refineries and halls of faith so that as soon as possible I was churning out a continuous stream of cyborgs at a rate of 1 every 5 seconds or so (4 halls of faith and 3 refineries + 8 harvesters to keep the money flowing in to produce them), but still I'm completely overrun by countless dozens of GDI units. I haven't counted them, but I think I am attacked by about 50 units every minute or so, most of which are stronger than cyborgs of whatever type. And that's only counting those attacking my base.

The new brotherhood base doesn't stand a chance either. I tried to defend it with my mostly intact initial scouting party, which was easily sufficient on Easy difficulty, but now was quickly annihilated by a neverending barrage of railguns, goliaths, dragonflies, marauders and siege infantry.

It seems that, because of the bonuses the AI gets at Hard difficulty, GDI effectively gets several tanks per second to attack me, and I think it just isn't possible to ever produce units fast enough to counter that. Have these missions ever been playtested on Hard difficulty? If so, I'm really curious for some help how this could be done. I like how challenging this game can get at Hard difficulty, both in skirmishes and in other missions, but this mission seems literally impossible, not merely challenging.

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PostPosted: Fri Jan 05, 2018 10:04 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

I've noted below the strategy I used - worked on my second attempt (for my first attempt I didnt get enough refineries and so ended up slowly losing to the constant flow of GDI units)

At the start (before getting to the temple) you should be able to utilise the units which heal on tiberium to defeat GDI units at their small outputs as they train them without suffering losses, meaning you can fairly easy get a group of elite units with almost zero losses (not essential, but it helps).
Setting game speed to fast prior to discovering the temple also ensures there's lots of tiberium available on the rest of the map (which again helps).
Once you've cleared out the starting bases and then move up and find the temple, you can then send these units to the nod base to help shore up its defences.

As soon as the MCV arrives, focus on getting lots of tiberium refineries so you can start getting crazy amounts of income. Your starting units should buy you the time needed for this.  You'll likely need to clear trees as space is tight.
-I chose to build my main base in the bottom right area where the GDI outpost was, although I ended up having to build out to the lower ground for refineries as the harvesters pathfinding was messed up and they'd occasionally stop auto-harvesting.

You also have the repair bay and power plant near the temple - this allows you to build more refineries and a barracks on this part of the map, in order to harvest tiberium to the north.

Then focus on building lots of troops quickly, to defend against several key points:
-2-3 war factories to produce redeemers and the occasional cyborg reaper for anti-air, to defend the nod base (5 deployed redeemers by each of the entrances to the Nod base should last a reasonable amount of time)
-4-5 barracks to produce cyborg templars quickly - make sure the primary production/barracks is in the small section where you get the repair bay near the temple; Initially you should have a large group of templars in the south to south-west section of the map (by the destroyed bridges near the main GDI base).  GDI will airlift in armored vehicles periodically, but with enough templars you can kill these before they can fire a shot off, meaning they should survive a long time.  Over time, shore up this group with cyborg repears to provide some AA.
-Another group of templars will need to defend against hovercraft coming up from the water very near this area.
-You'll then want a third group of templars to defend your 'repair depot' mini-base as after a while GDI will start sending their main attack forces towards here.  Also have 4 SAMs at this mini-base to protect from air attacks.

I found I was able to get enough refineries to produce cyborg templars constantly at a very fast rate, meaning I could replace my losses for my defenders and build up a large force to attack the GDI base.

Once you're in a relatively comfortable position, start planning for the attack on the main GDI base - build lots of APCs, and use them to scout the base one by one until you locate the construction yard in the south-west corner of the base.
Then build up a force of APCs with templars (or engineers if you prefer - I expect they might work equally well or be a cheaper option if just focused on the construction yard) and send them en-masse to destroy the construction yard and at least one of the war factories (I had c.50 templars in APCs for my attack wave which proved enough to take out the construction yard and some nearby buildings).
Once the construction yard's down simple frontal assaults with templars (e.g. groups of 40) targeting the war factories should prove enough to overwhelm the base

Make sure you save regularly as the game crashed constantly on this mission for me.  It both crashed intermittently, and then would always crash near the end if I killed one of the GDI infantry units for some reason.

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