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Tiberian Sun: Revelations
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PostPosted: Sun Jul 24, 2011 12:30 pm    Post subject:  Tiberian Sun: Revelations
Subject description: My own little project.
Reply with quote

The aim of Tiberian Sun Revelations was to add sub-factions via-upgrades. I am aware of the issues that comes with this and instead of working around them have incorporated them into the game play. In a normal game, you only get one Construction yard, which can be upgraded to a specific build list. The construction yard is notably stronger than it's regular counterpart boasting high health and concrete armor. However, if you lose it, you lose it, no more buildings, simple as that. You will be able to access mobile base vehicles for base expansion. These cost the same as an MCV would and deploy into a Construction outpost. At Tech Level Ten, it is possible to access all sub-factions by buildings new construction yards. This is a deliberate game mode, and tech level 1 has been removed to accommodate this.

Hidden and deleted units make a comeback, with the dropship bay action having a Supply Drop feature (replaces hunter-seeker). Super-weapons also make a come-back in a big way. GDI now have access to the power of the Ion Storm and Nod using advanced technology taken from the Tacitus can now call in meteor storms.

Both regular factions also have many new units added to them courtesy of the tiberian Sun community.

Each faction will have three sub-factions plus a regular version of their faction. The mod is set after the events of Firestorm, with the Brotherhood again on it's knees:

GDI: Divisions

Global Defense Initiative:
Leader: General J. Solomon. "My logic is sound Kane. I'm not afraid of Ghosts or you."
Specialty: All theaters

General James Solomon is the supreme commander of all the mainstay GDI forces across the globe. Primary Global Defense Initiative forces are equip to operate in most fields, carrying diverse equipment to deal with most situations.

The Global Defense Initiative have access to regular GDI technology with a few additions (discussed later).

Wings Of Valour:
Leader: Major L. Tate "Death from above... With love."
Specialty: Aerial Supremacy

Major Lisa Tate graduated at the top of her class at the Global Defense Military academy in London, England. Despite only being in her early twenties, Maj. Tate has shown outstanding tactical prowess, winning dozens of major engagements during the Second Tiberium War. Taking advantage of GDI's superior air-force capabilities, Maj. Tate uses elite air units to ensure her victory.

Special Units: Orca Stratofighter (radar invisible jet-fighter, eliminates tanks), Orca Interceptor (replaces Orca fighter, faster, better weapons), Orca Adv. Bomber (replaces Orca bomber has better armour and bigger payload), GDI Elite Jump-jet Infantry (Jump jet infantry with better weapons and armour).

Shield Of The Guardian:
Leader: General Paul Cortez "If it moves shoot it, if it still moves, get a bigger gun."
Specialty: Armored Division

General Cortez showed his extreme capability during the firestorm crisis, ensuring the defeat of CABAL and the submission of the Black Hand of Nod. Rejecting numerous offers of a comfortable retirement, Cortez says he will not rest until he sees the Brotherhood completely annihilated. Gen. Cortez prefers to use powerful armored units to defeat his enemies and has access to the special vehicles and experimental weaponry.

Special units: GDI Panther Walker (replaces wolverine, faster, better weapon can fire at air units) GDI Kratos Walker (replaces the titan, better weapon and armour) GDI Centaur (replaces Juggernaught, better armour, doesn't need to deploy to fire) Railgun Tank (has a railgun, strength between ghost-railgun and MMKI Railgun)

Special Units:

Talons Of Steel:
Leader:Colonel L. Sheppard "Men are the most powerful weapons."
Specialty: Special Forces

The son of the late General Mark Jamison Sheppard, Col. Sheppard has quite the name to live up too . Initially rumors that his position in the GDI military was due to pressure from supporters of his father, plagued the beginning of Col. Sheppard's career. These were soon dashed however, as Sheppard showed the same military genius of the legendary General who shares his name. Believing that soldiers are the deadliest weapon in any arsenal, Col. Sheppard employs elite infantry against the supporters of Nod.

Special Units: GDI Peacemaker (replaces Peacekeeper (light infantry) has better weapon and slightly tougher) GDI Guardian (replaces Grenadier (Disc Thrower) carries a shoulder cannon for taking out tanks) GDI Marine (elite infantry, equip with C4 charges and anti-infantry rifle), Zone Troopers and Drop Pods.

Nod: Splinter Cells

The Brotherhood Of Nod
Leaders: The Inner circle "Strength through unity, unity through peace, peace through power!"
Speciality: All theatres

The Brotherhood of Nod is once again a shadow of it's former self. With the betrayal of CABAL and the disappearance of Kane the Brotherhood fell into chaos. A new inner circle was elected, but it's leadership is weak and Nod needs strong leaders.

Black Hand Of Nod:
Leader: General Aleks Ilario "The last thing you never see."
Speciality: Stealth and Sabotage

After the Firestorm Crisis, the Brotherhood was once again splintered. Aleks Ilario, a lieutenant under Anton Slavic wrested control from the former leader, reforming the Black Hand as he saw fit. The Black Hand uses guerrilla tactics to quickly destroy enemy bases and forces before literally fading away into nothing.

Special Units: Shadow Trooper (Stealth Elite Cadre armed with better laser Cannon), Ghost Tank (Better stealth tank) Stealth Banshee (Banshee that's radar invisible and much faster) Saboteurs (Invisible C4 infantry with a long cloaking time) Stealth Commando and better stealth generators.

The Sting Of Nod:
Leader: Doctor Stephanie Kristov "Free inoculations."
Speciality: Tiberium Based Weapons

While not exactly a military woman, Dr. Kristov still has a strong armed following. A leading researcher in Tiberium based experiments, Dr. Kristov is not above testing her latest "concoctions" on her own soldiers. Thusly, the doctor's forces comprise of many "divined" soldiers armed with forbidden weaponry.

Special Units: Chemical Trooper (Armed with gas launcher) Advanced Harvesters (carries more Tiberium) Chemical Bombers (Jets armed with Tiberium Weaponry) Divinations (Mutant soldiers replace regular infantry) Confessors (Armed with Web Net Launchers and gas bombs) and Virus Troopers (Soldiers armed with Viceroid Rifles) and all units are immune to Tiberium.

The Sons Of Kane:
Leader: Lieutenant Rogan Korvax "You make this easy flesh-bag"
Speciality: Cybernetics

After CABAL was deactivated, the Inner Circle proposed the destruction of all cybernetic units. This was agreed by all except General Rogan Korvax, who believed that there was still potential in cybernetic infantry. After heated debate General Korvax was striped of his rank and sent into exile. For several years he remained underground until one day he returned with an army of cyborgs that he had found and reactivated himself. Fearing a second civil war, the inner circle reluctantly agreed to Korvax demands that his forces be recognized and his position be reinstated. Korvax position in the inner circle has been filled by this point so the Inner Circle offered Korvax the rank of Lieutenant. While initially resenting the offer Korvax begrudgingly accepted this as he recognized the plight of the Brotherhood and knew that violence could upset the fragile union even further. Determined to work his way back up to general, Korvax's legion can be found in engagements across the world, proving it's worth and restoring the Brotherhood's faith in cybernetics.

Speciality: Legion of Kane is the only sub-faction to use cybernetic units and all mainstay infantry except for units like the engineer are replaced by cyborgs. He has access to Cyborg MK II's (Slightly stronger cyborgs) the cyborg reaper, cyborg commando, laser cyborgs and cannon cyborgs.

This uses public assets and assets I have made myself so I may release this in the future when I have worked out the kinks.
Beta Tester for Mental Omega 3.0

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Joined: 28 Apr 2009
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PostPosted: Sun Jul 24, 2011 11:40 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

These are the faction logos. From left to right. The Black Hand, The Sting Of Nod, The Legion Of Kane and Regular Nod. Below, the Talons Of Steel, the Shield Of The Guardian, the Wings of Valour and Regular GDI. These are sidebar images and will appear in-game as add-ons.

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Beta Tester for Mental Omega 3.0

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PostPosted: Mon Jul 25, 2011 12:01 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

If I were you, I'd change the TW icons a bit. Make them a weee bit more TS-ian. Turn blue to gold, give everything the same background.

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PostPosted: Mon Jul 25, 2011 6:30 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

save as .png and ts scheme as Ixonclast

jpg kills images

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