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Happy 2019, from Project Perfect Mod!
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Supreme Banshee

Joined: 15 Aug 2002
Location: Brazil

PostPosted: Tue Jan 01, 2019 7:05 am    Post subject:  Happy 2019, from Project Perfect Mod!
Subject description: Our tiberium vision is strong... and now more responsive for different mobile devices!
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Hello everyone! Happy 2019 for everyone! All hail! Today is the day of the year that we always post a reminder on the good things that happened last year and our plans for the current year. Although our tiberium vision is the future of our species, the grand goal of our world... we hold no real expectations about getting it accomplished anytime soon, although some of the things in this vision may eventually happen for real once in a blue moon.

In this first day of 2019, we already have a present for you! The site... has changed! Ok, if you take a first glance on it, you'll certainly think we are joking about it. The layout is really the same. The thing is... look at https://www.ppmsite.com at your mobile phone. And guess what? It is responsive! The menu button and the avatar for those who are logged out are things that might be improved within time, but they will only show up if your screen resolution is really small. In this case, clicking on the menu button (three horizontal straight lines) will show the  menu options and hide the rest. If you click on your avatar instead, it shows only the right menu. To show the content again, click at the PPM banner in the middle of them. Other than that, many of the web elements in the site now display as flex. I don't know how Internet Explorer 9 deals with it, but all Webkit (Chrome, Safari, Opera, Vivaldi, new Edge), Gecko (Firefox, Firefox Focus) and even Edge (the old one before the change to Webkit) has dealt fine with it. Anyway, I hope you enjoy it.

Now, let's move to the part of the good things that happened in PPM on 2018:

- PPM website is now responsive and the Mobile site will fade away, directing its visitors back to PPM website where they shouldn't have left at all. This is part of the "Re-design and modernize the main website, merging the main site with the mobile one" objective from the last year.

- PPM News Reporter has been constantly fetching news from mods with profiles on ModDB, being a great partner to yours trully to boost news posting in this place. In the recent years, I used to catch the happy new year post from the previous year in the page 2. This time, it is in the page 3 from PPM News Network forum.... and that because the news posting has only boosted since august. Next year I'll expect it at least on page 4. Anyway, this was our progress with "Improve news coverage from other games and communities" objective of the last year.

- PPM Terms of use were adapted to the European Union General Data Protection Regulation.

- PPM forum moderators may merge topics and set their visibility on or off. For the common user, the profile options were extended.For bots, banned bots or zero posters will not display some of the profile data for the public.

- PPM has a new Advertise with Us terms and plans.

- The following mods were released at PPM: Dawn Of Tiberium Age 1.176, Tiberian Sun Client 5.42, Shattered Paradise 20181210, C&C Red Alert History Release 6, CnC: Final War 1.0b, The Second Tiberium War 2.0 and Medieval Warfare 20180726.

- Following our efforts to "attract more high quality mods" to PPM,  Command & Conquer: Red Alert History has joined our forums.

- Twisted Insurrection, Tiberium Essence and Mental Omega have received a honorable mention on ModDB Mod of the Year 2018 Player's Choice

- Stucuk has shared the source code of his OS: HVA Builder 2.2 WIP.

- Linq2js has released his New INI Editor that helps users to code mods with multiples INI files in a more manageable way. Tuc0 has posted hacks for both Tiberian Sun and Final Alert 2 to be applied with C&C Executable Modifier. Westwood Font Editor has received a minor patch to address symbols up to 64k. Nyerguds has also created Engie File Converter, which converts SHPs from many Westwood games. including Command & Conquer 64 for Nintendo 64. Lin Kuei Ominae has patched Image Shaper with several updates through the whole year. E1Elite has done several updates to AI Editor. The build of the latest git version of CnC Maps Renderer was made available by E1Elite at this post. Most of G-E's tools, such as MapClean, AICheck, AIClean and SoundCheck have received several updates during the year.

- Ares can now save files. Tiberian Sun Client 5.42 has added a new DirectDraw mode and several bug fixes. OpenRA Engine has advanced a lot with game UI presets, connection of user accounts with OpenRA forum accounts (which resulted in the destruction of SleipnirStuff), several improvements to AI behavior, several improvements for the Mod SDK, which allowed the release of a non-Command & Conquer related game: Krush Kill 'n' Destroy.

With all that said, let's move to our tiberium vision for 2019. It is always based in the same plans from the 5 or more recent years, since these plans are actually very long term plans. So, expect, once again, a copy and paste job with minor changes:

-> Modernize the main website and progress with Project Perfect Game: We plan to bring more modern web based technology to the current site design. Furthermore, we also want to make future expansions to different topics (game development coverage) easier in a long term plan, as well as approach the content of our hosted TiberiumWeb to our own. Unlike the plans in the previous years, we decided to let the Revora Network Bar stay for good.

-> Modernize the forums: We want to have a similar approach to the responsive site from the main site with the forums, so it will be better to browse it with mobile devices. Also, we want to allow posting, editing and other common tasks to be faster and as confortable as a chat in discord.

-> Expand the site to become more popular with games beyond Tiberian Sun, Red Alert 2 and OpenRA scope: We are slowly adding content for other games here, but we are not getting many modders interested to discuss them in our community yet. We are already trying to change this situation by adding more content and trying to approach communities from other games. Now we can also re-use our existing content to quickly expand new subjects that can be covered here.

-> Progress with VXLSE III's 3D model export feature: This is our ultimate goal to become a significant community that modifies or develops 3D games. We have many voxel assets that would be very useful in newer games if we are able to convert them. Don't expect this to be finished in 2018, since I have a doctorate to finish first and the my thesis will be used on this solution (being a small, but significant part of it).

-> Attract more high quality mods: We need fresh blood and attractive content in this place. PPM is still an attractive place to have forums to advertise your projects and it still holds a community with skilled modders and artists to improve the quality of your project in the long term.

-> Improve news coverage from other games and communities: Nowadays, we have got a more aggresive approach to cover news related to Command & Conquer games and OpenRA, but this is not enough. We want this place to become a modding reference for every game. We plan an even more aggressive approach to obtain news generated in this community and also from other sources. We plan to use bots to help us to collect these news from GitHub, Discord, You Tube, Facebook and Twitter and provide a quicker way to transform this information into news posts. Obviously, these news posts will still be written and revised by humans. We want to use it to increase the activity of this site and the attractiveness for game designers and user content creators that are not restricted to the universe that we cover nowadays. We expect to do that by using the RSS importing feature of this forum, the keywords feature and writing softwares to interpret the collected data and convert them into readable posts.

-> Improve the organization of our content: The News Tracker and the Key Words features are a nice way to organize the content that we may explore. Now we need to use these resources to expand the potential of this place as a good reference for game design and user content creation, as well as a good place to learn news about it. We will also improve the way we organize our key words.

And, for now, that's all, folks. I hope all of you have a great 2019. And hopefully, we'll have great things coming to this community in this year. Now, with, hopefully, EA's help. At least they seem to be doing an interesting initiative to remaster the good old Command & Conquer games. Let's see how that affects our community from now on.

Key Words: #ProjectPerfectMod #News #PPMForums #HappyNewYear #KeyWords #HashTag #Forum #HashtagForums 

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Lin Kuei Ominae

Joined: 16 Aug 2006
Location: Germany

PostPosted: Tue Jan 01, 2019 11:22 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Thanks for the nice recap. All together it looks like 2018 was quite productive.
I'm looking forward what 2019 will have to offer.

Happy new year to you as well Banshee.
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Joined: 14 Jul 2015
Location: Underground Clone City

PostPosted: Tue Jan 01, 2019 1:43 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

I think 2019 could offer better results on many things..
But also it may not be good for politics..
If you are a MetalHead (Heavy Metal Fan) and don't want to be a metalhead, Just remove your metal ball from your head. �:p .

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Joined: 01 Nov 2010

PostPosted: Tue Jan 01, 2019 4:01 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Happy New Year good people!
OrangeNero wrote:
Me picking a fight? I know I am the greatest user alive here so everyone starts reading topics with my posts first and ignores the ones before and after.

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