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Shattered Paradise 20200114 is online... for a while!
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PostPosted: Fri Jan 31, 2020 8:28 am    Post subject:  Shattered Paradise 20200114 is online... for a while!
Subject description: C.A.B.A.L. is online!
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At the end of the last year, we have reported a couple of playtest releases for Shattered Paradise, due to an obvious reason: they were very close to finish an official release of this modification for OpenRA engine.

And the official release was posted 17 days ago, the version 20200114. GDI, Nod, Mutants, C.A.B.A.L., and Scrin received several tweaks and balance changes.

Let's start with a video to show you how does this mod look like. There might be better videos than this one, but it should be running an updated version of the mod:

And the huge changelog:

Spy Satellite: Added a global sound upon use; Increased scout area from 6c0 to 8c0.
Jump Jet: Attack animation is broken fixed.
Black Hand Trooper: Ability spawns Tick Tank Illusions in deploy-undeploy animation first fixed.
Laser Fence Section: One of the idle animations play during make animation fixed.
Marauder: They leave the barracks for a one second in deployed form animation fixed.
Cyborg Commando: Fixed broken leg animation (two Cyborg Commandos appear no longer).

AI: Use Superweapons now (not Support Super Weapons though); Global Superweapon Announcer: Does Not announce super weapons detected fixed.
Observer UI: Added value to show army graphs; Tooltips on support powers crashes the game bug fixed; Added Tiberium Wells count to the tabs.
MCVs:.MCVs can deploy everywhere with Shit Deploy Key bug fixed
Do not have an undeploy sound fixed.
Aircraft: Non reloadable aircraft like those of Scrin and Cabal will return to their helipads if commanded to go back to base or if multiple aircraft are sent to the service depot to repair fixed; Units will land on the same cell fixed.
Orbit-Carryall bug: Launch themselves into the Orbit when hovering over cliffs or any other unit bug fixed;
Engine Update that fixed: Performance issues caused by Aircraft; Fixing Plane behaviour; Fix GeoIP stuff; Exit priorities; New Zoom; Shift queue planning for Waypoint; Attack Move kongolining fixed.
Commandos: Skull is not visible to everyone fixed; Fixed announcer;
Bad Decoration Bounds and selection box fixed for: Scrin Refinery.
Visceroids: Now spawn again.
Chemical Clouds: Cannot move properly fixed.
Juggernaut: Wrong Voicelines fixed.
Ion Cannon: Sidebeams don’t work fixed; Side beams won't close into the center fixed.
Dropship Bay: Changing the building so that MKII no longer gets stuck on cliffs.
Disruptor: Disruptors no longer damage each other.
Medic: Fixed bug where it did not use the heal cursor.
Toxin Commando: Does Not slow vehicles bug fixed.
Crusader: Does not attack Aircraft properly anymore bug fixed.
Tick Tank: No armor while transforming fixed.
Marauder: They don't attack when deployed bug fixed.
Fiend: Unnecessary yaml lines removed.
Queen: Fixed a bug with the ability not spawning eggs.
Tyrant Buff: Cannot attack air in Battle Buses and Bunkers fixed; Fixed a bug where it didn’t show the buff icon.
Mutant Veinhole Superweapon: Combined with Nanoswarm creates an endless amount of Workers bug fixed.
Tiberian Bull and Ravager: Get repaired by MRV fixed; Medics now heal them.
Nanomachine Swarm: Fixed several issues.
Cabal AI: Uses Harvesters to attack rather than harvesting fixed.
Drone Pit Station: Activates when aircraft comes in range and tries to attack air fixed; Drones can be selected fixed.
Annihilator Tripod: Voices don't work bug fixed.
Assault Carrier: Fixed Wyverns being selectable.
Visceroid Hive: Visceroids can be repaired by MRV from Cabal fixed.

Adjusted the map pool
Added to regular mappool: Borrowed Time; The Rocktagon; Six Shooter Showdown; Alpine Assault; Tournament Dustbowl reworked (Day + Night version); Downtown Dustbowl reworked; Subzero; Atacama; Two additional maps.

Global Changes:
Added smart deploy: Marauders and Tick Tanks will be affected; Example: if you have a group of deployed and undeployed marauders and you press your deploy/undeploy hotkey the undeployed marauders will deploy while the deployed ones won't change their mode.
Lobby Option: Added Free minimap.
Reworked how the following air units crash down: Destroyer; Aircraft Carrier; Battlecruiser; Scrin Host Station; Paladin Cruiser; Basilisk
Devourer crash down vertically again;
Weapons: All RifleWeapons without bullettravelanimation are now InstantHit.
Radars: Adding a bar to so you can see the progress of the ability; Gained a new ability called Spy Satellite that allows you to scan an area every 3:00; Deactivating the Radar or going low power will stop the cooldown of the Ability; Adjusted tooltip; Removed the ability from the Tech Structure Radar.
Techlabs: Energy requirement from 200 to 150.
Support Superweapons: Energy Requirement from 150 to 200.
Gate: Removed one variant since they can be rotated now; Change BuildPaletteOrder so it is situated next to Wall; Now blocks projectiles; Changed Armor Type from BuildingArmor to ConcreteArmor; Cost from $50 to $75; HP from 35000 to 25000; No longer requires BaseProvider (Conyard build radius).
Refineries: Removed one variant; Adjusted Cameos; Can be rotated 4 times now by using rotation hotkey N; Hotkey can be customized in Settings.
Engineers: From $500 to $400.
Undeploy: The following assets now also undeploy with ALT + Move:
MCV; Marauder; Abductor; Colossus; Tick Tank.
EMP Cannon: Cost from $1500 to $1000; Energy requirement from 150 to 100.
AA Defences: Increasing Vision Range from 5c0 to 6c0; Attack range from 9c0 to 10c0.
Improved Shell map: Created by MustaphaTR.
Priority: Selection priority added.
Wall: LineBuild from 8 to 6; No longer requires BaseProvider (Conyard build radius).
Vision range rework: Adjusted the vision range of all units.
Infantry: Generalized the vision range of all combat infantry to 6c0; Unit’s like Engineers only use 5c0 of vision.
MCV: Changed the color of the defence production bar to grey; Now uncrushable.
Blue Tib-Fuel Barrel: Increased spread from 0c768 to 1c0; Increased HP from 100 to 200.
Aircraft: Fixed several tooltip issues.
New Assets: Added Green Tiberium Crystal (works like Tiberium Tree).
Veterancy: Heroic killing value requirement from 800% to 650%.
Rotation Hotkey: Changed by default to ‘N’.

Marines: Damage from 2000 to 2500.
Phalanx: HP from 10000 to 11000.
Medic: From $150 to $200.
Jump Jet: JJGrenade ReloadDelay from 80 to 70.
Wolverine: Increase turn rate from 10 to 15; WolverineVulcan Damage from 3750 to 4000; Added FacingTolerance 2; Attack range from 7c0 to 6c0.
Amphibious APC: Spread from 200 to 300; BuildingArmor damage from 25% to 75%.
Titan: Speed from 80 to 75.
Hover MLRS: Speed from 110 to 100; Cost from $1200 to $1100.
Juggernaut: Speed from 80 to 75.
Disruptor: Cost from $1300 to $1200.
Mammoth Tank: Added new voice; Voice Volume from 7 to 3.
Mammoth MKII: Increased turn rate of turret from 3 to 5; MechRailgun and MechRailgun2 attack speed from 120 to 100; MechRailgun and MechRailgun2 attack range from 8c0 to 7c0; MKIITuskAA attack range from 7c0 to 8c0; MKIITusk and MKIITuskAA attack speed from 150 to 120
MKIITusk Burst from 2 to 4; Removed warfactory requirement.
Orca: Reloaddelay of AG weapon from 50 to 40.
Orca Bomber: HP from 22500 to 25000; Damage Versus: VehicleArmor: 50 ? 100; Projectile Speed from 220 to 300.
Ion Cannon: Increased damage of Main Beam from 150000 to 200000; Added new sounds.

Laser Fence: Energy from -5 to -10; HP from 30000 to 35000
(Still requires BaseProvider to be build since it is a building-wall-hybrid).
Obelisk of Light: HP from 90000 to 100000; ObeliskLaserFire BaseDamage from 28000 to 30000.
Demo Bike: Cost from $900 to $800.
Subterranean APC: Speed from 80 to 100.
Devil's Tongue: Speed from 90 to 100.
Banshee: Changed projectile speed from 750 to 350; Made projectiles homing like Rockets; Burst from 9 to 5 (like in original); Damage from 2500 to 5000 (AG and AA weapon); Ammo from 9 to 5; Reloadcount from 9 to 5; Reloaddelay from 50 to 75; Turnspeed from 6 to 10; Damage vs Infantry from 10% to 100%; Attack Range from 5c0 to 5c512; Speed from 190 to 170 (same as Storm Rider).
Atomic Bomb: Increased power level; Flight delay from 200 to 400.

Bunker: HP from 80000 to 60000; Adjusting sell value from $250 to $200.
Tunnel Network: SharedCargo: PipCount: 15 ? 30; MaxWeight: 15 ? 30
So that 30 infantry units can be transported at the same time.
Fiend: HP from 13000 to 11000; Cost from $300 to $250.
Skirmisher: Cost from $150 to $200.
Lyra The Storm Caller: Speed from 70 to 60 (standard speed); HP from 15000 to 25000.
Quad Cannon: Removed minimum range.
Irradiator MLRS: Cost from $1000 to $900.
Queen: From $1200 to $1000; Removed Service Depot requirement.
Falcon: Added IdleTurnSpeed of 4.

Slave units: Increase attack range from 4c0 to 4c512; Decreased value from $120 to $100.
Cyborgs: Will grow back their legs the same way the Cyborg Commando did.
Gladiator: Removed Service Depot requirement.
Abductor: Damage vs: ConcreteArmor from 15% to 5%.
Cyborg Commando: Removed the voice line saying “For the Brotherhood”; Change weapon to be homing like rockets; Reduced projectile speed from 700 to 350; Added a contrail; Adjusted Trail color; Projectile can now be blocked by walls; Projectile now also blockable by Cliffs; HP from 70000 to 100000; Movement speed from 65 to 50; Damage from 10000 to 30000; Versus: xInfantryArmor: 350 ? 100; BuildingArmor: 260 ? 100; VehicleArmor: 205 ? 100; DefenseArmor: 205 ? 100; ConcreteArmor: 80 ? 35; Adjusted tooltips; Added TerrainHeightAware: True.
Centurion: From $800 to $900.
Cyborg Reaper: Adding FacingTolerance 2; Attack Range of AA weapon from 7c0 to 8c0; AG weapon damage from 2900 to 3000; AA weapon damage of 2900 unchanged (so it cannot one burst Fighters).
Mobile Repair Vehicle: Cost from $600 to $500.
Artisan: Tooltip fix from 8 to 5 mines.
Drone Host: From $1300 to $1200.
Minotaur: Adding FacingTolerance 3; BaseDamage from 2550 to 3000; Cost from $1750 to $2000.

Ichor Waste Turret: Increasing base damage of IchorWasteTurretAcid from 800 to 1000; Damage vs Infantry from 120% to 200%; Projectile speed from 250 to 500; Spread from 250 to 350; Burst from 7 to 8; Cost from $600 to $800.
Essence Collector: Does not target buildings and defences anymore
BaseDamage of FloatTesla from 3000 to 1; Cost from $400 to $300; Can now be crushed; Adjusted tooltip.
Plague Trooper: FloatGlaive damage from 1500 to 2000.
Colossus: Attack range of ColossiShard from 5c0 to 6c0; VisionRange from 6c0 to 7c0.
Ichor Walker: Attack range of ScorpAcid from 4c0 to 5c0; Turnspeed from 12 to 7; Fixed tooltip saying it cant crush;
Hover Tank: Movement speed from 90 to 80.
Glider: Cost from $900 to $700; Adding more facing tolerance to 5; Increased attack range of AA weapon from 7c0 to 8c0.
Guardian: Techlevel requirement changed from Service depot to Radar and Shield Generator; From $650 to $1000; Increasing shield range buff from 4c0 to 7c0; Increasing WithRangeCircle from 4c0 to 7c0.
Subjugator: HP from 15000 to 20000.
Tripod: HP from 45000 to 50000; Reworked weapon: Spawns less fire shrapnels now; Increased center damage; Removed spread damage RNG.
Scrin Transport: HP from 7000 to 12000.
Assault Carrier: Movement Speed from 70 to 50.

Shattered Paradise has forums at PPM and a discord channel for further information. Download the latest version at GitHub.

Key Words: #News #Release #OpenRA #ShatteredParadise 

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