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Tiberian Sun: Forgotten Wars updates!
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PostPosted: Mon Sep 07, 2020 8:46 pm    Post subject:  Tiberian Sun: Forgotten Wars updates!
Subject description: A vast amount of enemy reinforcements have arrived and we are still stuck with Cossack APCs!
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Tiberian Sun - Forgotten Wars, a modification from Askhati for Tiberian Sun that tweaks the gameplay and adds Forgotten and CABAL as a faction, has received a myriad of updates during these months, although there is no known release yet.

Anyway, here are some of the units that were announced for it recently:


1 - Stalwart Gunboat (https://ppmforums.com/topic-52955/naval-medium-attack-stalwart-gunboat/)

2 - Skylance Barge (slow barge armed with dual long-range SAM launchers for fleet air defence)

3 - Envoy Cruiser (fast but fragile; dual AP cannons at mid-long range)

4 - Hyperion Cruiser (slow and sturdy; med-range railgun)

5 - Hover Transport (https://ppmforums.com/topic-53794/naval-transport-hover-transport/)


- Forgotten Patrol Boat: Refitted from various civilian and now-defunct Coast Guard vessels, these simple patrol boats allow the Forgotten to explore waterways and offer basic protection to their naval installations. Neither fast nor well-armed, their only strength is their heavy hull plating that allows them to soak up a bit of punishment.

- Forgotten Barrage Cruiser: Mothballed at the end of the First Tiberium War, these old cruisers were considered obsolete once railguns and high-precision missiles started taking over as the primary naval armaments of the 21st century. Pressed into service now at the hands of Forgotten crews, these Barrage Cruisers can unleash a volley of high-explosive shells at any ground target, albeit with only limited accuracy. They are also armed with potent flak guns that allow them to fire at aerial targets, doing area damage to anything in the same air-space.


- Hunter-Striker: roughly equivalent to the Orca Fighter, the HS carries napalm missiles for creating firestorms on the ground. Strong versus infantry, structures.

- Hunter-Killer: slower but more heavily armored, the HK carries dual lasers with unlimited ammo. Best used in swarms to harass enemy vehicles and buildings.

- Skyhook: Carryall equivalent (need to declutter the model at some point though, the original design did not translate that well into the game).

- CABAL Skynet Transport: Acting as a middle ground between GDI's Orca Transport and the sub-orbital Dropship, the Skynet Transport acts as the primary aerial troop carrier for the CABAL legions. Capable of carrying 10x infantry units, it allows the CABAL sub-commanders to rapidly cross intervening terrain and deploy troops directly to hotspots on the battlefield. Their slow speed and fragile construction is somewhat offset by their high cruising altitude, making it more difficult for AA fire to reach them; however, they can take only a handful of hits before they go down.

- Hunter-Killer Aerostat: slow, high-altitude observation drone that can be sent to explored covered areas of the map. Very fragile, can be downed by two SAM hits.

- Moto-Hunter: Building onto the success of the Nod Attack Cycle, CABAL has devised a similar drone for its own forces: the Moto-Hunter. Consisting of a cyborg body permanently built onto an Attack Cycle frame, the Moto-Hunter relies on speed to avoid damage, much like its Nod counterpart. Where the Moto-Hunter differs, is in its primary armament: instead of dual AP rockets, it carries two small cannons firing incendiary ammunition capable of creating a firestorm on the ground. This makes them lethal against infantry and buildings alike - as long as nothing shoots back at them, of course...

- Aero Turret: Exchanging range for rate of fire, the Aero Turret is CABAL's answer to the air defense question. Consisting of a cluster of 20mm cannons and a sophisticated anti-air tracking unit, the Aero Turret will give a 99% guaranteed hit rate, every shot, for anything that enters its defensive arc. Their only drawback is their range: they only have approximately 80% of the range of comparable GDI and Nod SAM launchers. CABAL sub-commanders are advised to stagger them in overlapping arcs to double up on the amount of firepower they can concentrate on a single unit; GDI commanders, on the other hand, are advised to use the high speed of their Orca assets to get past these turrets as quickly as possible in a "strike past the target" tactic.

- CABAL Drone Corvette: Built around a robotic long-haul marine hull, the Drone Corvette is CABAL's primary fleet vessel. Armed with a advanced missile pack capable of hitting both ground and air targets, the Drone Corvette is not as sturdy or as heavily armed as its GDI or Nod equivalent, but comes in with a lesser price tag and a higher speed as tradeoff.


And after all these reinforcements, what I can say is that... Kane will not be pleased at all, because Nod's most recent reinforcement was a Cossack APC.

And for more information about this mod, follow it by visiting its forums and sharing your feedback there.

As a bonus, Askhati has shared some of the civilian resources that will be used on the maps of this mod, such as the civilian yatch and freighter.

Key Words: #News #TiberianSun #Firestorm #TiberianSunForgottenWars 

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PostPosted: Tue Sep 08, 2020 7:41 am    Post subject: Reply with quote  Mark this post and the followings unread

*feels disappointed in Nod*
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